The Yoga of Air Pistol Shooting – Concentration Level 1 - Foresight Shooting

Hello friends,

In the last few videos, we had discussed the technical skills, which comprise 10% and 90% are mental skills.
I'll just summarize the technical skills; in technical skills you have to master the aiming process and make it automatic, the second thing is you have to master the automatic trigger operation and the third skill is mental focus follow through, that is your mind has to be 100% mentally focused on your trigger operation, before during and after the short is fired.

So these are the three skills, technical skills that you need to master in order to shoot tens and rows of tens. Now the last step is keeping your mind 100% mentally focused on your trigger operation follow-through, overlaps on mental skills.

And I had promised that we would be discussing methods of how to increase your mental focus level and this brings me to a very interesting and something very New A Concept called as The Yoga of Pistol shooting.

Now you may say yoga? Wow! never heard of it? Yes that is true, this is the first time you will be hearing and discussing what the yoga of pistol shooting is all about

What is this yoga of pistol shooting? The Yoga of pistol shooting is a concept or methodology or a practice where you will develop the mental skills to shoot rows of tens in not only in your practice session but in a match.

So without any further ado, let's move into the first step; now you will all agree that shooting is a sport which requires a very, very high concentration level. It's a game of Concentration and as I had mentioned before that the third step in the technical skills is maintaining this mental focus on the trigger operation before during and after the shot is fired.

In the next clip, you will see the small circle, the diameter of which is just before the shot is fired during the shot and after the shot is fired.

Within this circle, if your concentration level is very high as shown in the clip, is that of a 10.9 then your shot value will also be a 10.9.

Correspondingly if your concentration level is a little lower, as shown in the clip, let us say if it is a 10.0 your concentration level in that circle is a 10.0 then your shot value will also be at 10.0.

In the same way, if your concentration level dips to a nine as shown in this next clip then your shot value will also be a nine and so on it will be an eight or seven God forbid a six.

So depending upon the concentration level during the shot before the shot during the shot and after the shot as shown in the circle you will get the same shot value which is that of your concentration level.

So if you want to shoot a 10. 9 your concentration level has to be at 10.9 and in case you have shot an 8.5 then you must understand that at that point of time when the shot was being fired within that Circle your concentration level dipped to an 8.5 and that is why the shot value was also 8.5.

As your concentration level increases or decreases, as it changes or fluctuates, the shot value will also fluctuate or change.

The key is to maintain a consistent level of concentration. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could learn how to maintain your concentration level throughout the 60 shots at the same very high level.

Ideally, we would all like it to be anywhere between a 10.0 to a 10.9. Is that possible? We will find out as we go deeper into the yoga of air pistol shooting.

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