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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    1. How will this website benefit me?
    • You have a Coach available at your fingertips (computer, mobile), all you have to do is log on to the website and scroll down to the Videos and Text lessons.
    • Read and watch the videos which provide you the knowledge you require on all aspects of air pistol shooting in exhaustive detail.
    • If you have a Coach, he will instruct you once and then go away. What he has said (until unless you have a fantastic memory) can last only for a short period of time in your mind.
      Through online coaching, you can go back to watching each video for each topic, many times and re-read the text lessons, something which you cannot do even if you have a coach.
    • Most importantly, there are many Coaching Courses offered by various academies, these are at Best, for a maximum period of One Month.
      Once you become a Member, the coaching is for LIFE! You can watch the videos and text lessons anytime, anywhere for the REST of Your Life!

    Thus online coaching provides you 24 x 7 x 365 days of training which no coach can provide you.

    2. What are the different types of memberships?
    • There are two membership,one is fixed price module membership and another one is Mental Shooting Program membership,it is available only for limited students
    3. What is the difference between Guest membership and Elite membership?
    • A Guest Member can see the Basic Module No. 1 Free. The Basic Module has 37 Videos and Text lessons.
    • Modules No. 2 to 6 are paid Modules. A Guest Member can watch the Videos and Text Lessons in Modules 2 to 6 on becoming an Elite Member.
    • To become an Elite member, a Guest Member has to pay the subscription fee per module which is Rs 5000/module (2 to 6).
    4. On becoming a Member, how long can I watch the Videos and Text Lessons.
    • All the Videos and Text Lessons in Modules No. 1 to 6 are available for LIFE. You can watch the Videos and Lessons for the rest of your Life.
    • However, each year new content in the form of additional Videos and Text Lessons will be added. To watch the new content (Videos and Lessons) existing members will have to pay a nominal annual fee.
    5. Do I have to pay the fees for all the Modules at one time?
    • No, you pay the fees per Module, once you finish each Module, you can pay for the next Module according to your convenience.
    6. Can I choose which Module I want to buy, for example, I want to buy only Module No. 5 Mental Skill Training.
    • No, you must buy each module in sequence, i.e. you pay for Module No. 2, then Module No. 3 and so on till you reach the last module which is Module No. 6.
    7. Can I pay for all 5 modules at one time?
    • No. Presently each module is available one at a time, this is because, people tend to rush through the entire content (Modules 1 to 6) without concentrating on the exercises provided in each Module. Hence each Module is released after a time period of at least one month, so that the member can read and re-read, try out all the different techniques provided before moving on to the next module.
    8. How do I get my questions, doubts cleared?
    • You can ask questions on the FORUM, each and every question will be answered thoroughly and in great detail.
    • In case doubts persist, you can call me up.
    • You can also whatsapp me your targets and questions, I will reply to your questions on whatsapp.
    9. Can I get personal one-on-one coaching?
    • Yes, Personalised coaching in my shooting range at Satara is available, you have to call me up and fix the date and time for one-on-one coaching.
    10. How much do I have to pay for one-on-one coaching at Your Shooting range in Satara?
    • Over and above the coaching which is provided via Videos and Text lessons, FORUM, WHATSAPP, and PERSONAL CALL. Personalised one-on-one coaching is available for ALL Elite Members who wish to be coached by me in person.
    • For this you have to book your dates in advance.

    • Each Session will be conducted on a fully equipped shooting range as shown in the Videos.

    • Fees will be charged per session, each session will comprise of a minimum THREE hours. Only TWO sessions will be conducted each day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

    • Only ONE STUDENT per session.

    • Dates for personalised coaching are booked at least ONE month in advance.

    • A maximum of five students ONLY will be coached each Month on one-on-one basis.

    • Each session cost is Rs 5000/session.

    11. What is Group Coaching?
    • I can come to your city for Group Coaching, provided there are at least 20 to 25 Elite Members.
    • Air travelling, hotel expenses, local travelling, availability and rent for a shooting range will be borne by the Group.

    • Per student coaching fees will differ from City to City. Hence this will be worked out on case by case basis.