Why Should Air Pistol Shooters Maintain Daily Shooting Diary

Importance of the Shooting Diary

One thing that sets apart International level Shooters and ‘run of the mill’ ordinary shooter, is ‘Diary Writing’. Almost every shooter who performs at the international level, without any exception, maintains a shooting diary.

It is said that if you wish to become ‘rich’, then follow the habits of the ‘rich’, similarly if you wish to become an international class shooter, then this is one habit that you can easily pick up.

Take the first step, pick up any old diary and start maintaining a daily record of your shooting performance. GET INTO THE HABIT, of writing your dairy.

Unfortunately, we start off with great enthusiasm then forget to write one day, then we skip writing for days till we give up maintaining our diary altogether.

After a few weeks or months when the subject of diary writing comes up, we mentally shrug, giving the lame excuse that there is just no time for diary writing!

In my 10 Meter Air Pistol Coaching Module No. 3, I have explained the importance of Diary writing. I go on to explain how maintaining a shooting diary helps shooters to keep track of their daily progress.

We have set up an Elite Members Group where each day our students post the snapshot of their daily training sessions. Other members of the group are inspired when they see others posting their diary details and even if they have missed out a day, they get back to writing their dairies.

Benefits of Maintaining a Shooting Diary

Writing your shooting dairy helps you to plan out your day, after you have planned out your training time slots, it helps you to focus your time and energy on the goals you have set yourself for each training session.

Elite members are taught how to measure their training inputs, thus at the end of each training session, the shooter writes down in his diary precisely how much progress he has made (or not made).

A shooting Diary is absolutely essential for improving your scores very quickly. A shooter who maintains his diary improves his score THREE times quicker than the shooter who does not maintain a shooting diary.

Also, those shooters who do not maintain a diary, soon fade away while shooters who maintain their diary, keep on improving their performance with each training session.