Why Mental Skills are important in the Olympics? - Foresight Shooting

Mental Skill help you in two ways, the first is that it helps you to improve your technique for shooting a 10. It helps you to master your technique so that you shoot rows of ‘10’s.

The second aspect is that Mental Skills help you to overcome match pressure thereby enabling you to translate your best practice Match Score into a real match situation.

The steps in mastering Mental Skills are as follows;
1.Understandng what the Fight or Flight response is.
2. Learning how to overcome the Fight or Flight Response through Progressive Body Relaxation exercises.
3. Learning Shav Asan a Yogic Position which helps to deepen the Relaxed state of the body.
4. Basic Visualisation techniques
5. Intermediate Visualisation techniques
6. Advanced Visualisation techniques.

In the advanced visualisation techniques, a shooter learns to visualise a match situation from start to finish to obtain his best practice match scores.

And not only in the qualifying stage but also in the Finals.

If you do not learn to master Mental Skills, then you revert to the ‘Old School’ methods of training to overcome match pressure, which is to go on shooting matches for years together.

In this method you lose a lot of time and the smart thing to do is to learn the mental skills s that you translate your best practice scores in your matches in the shortest possible time because time is the only thing you have as a shooter.

So, if you wish to win a medal at the Olympics using the old of training, you will probably take 12 years in your third Olympics to win a medal.

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