Why are the scores of Talented youngsters dropping? - Foresight Shooting

Hello Friends,

In the last video I had defined what is talent, that is I had defined what talent is and I had also shown you how you can find a very good coach.

And to find a good coach you must know what follow through is for which you have to go on my website www.foresightshooting.com and find out the definition of correct follow through by watching a series of videos specifically addressing the issue of follow through.

How many have you done this?
How many of you have gone on my website and registered for the free basic course?
The free basic course and found out the meaning of follow through?

Today’s video is of great interest specifically for parents and for youngsters aged between 15 to 20. I have been noticing since the last 10 to 15 years, youngsters between the age of 15 and 20 years who are very talented in shooting who are shooting between 560 and 570 very easily, Suddenly after a year or two, their score drop and get stuck between 550 and 560.

Brilliant shooters who shot between 560 to 570 quite easily are now shooting between 550 and 560 now. 551 , 552, 553, 554 and so on..

Obviously they are a frustrated lot and even their parents are equally frustrated, they just don’t seem to know what is happening to them. Why is their child dropping in scores?

Why is the child’s performance dropping and why is it not increasing?

The reason for this is the HUGE amount of pressure to perform on these youngsters. This huge pressure for performaing is 50 % parents are responsible and the balance 50 % is the shooter who is himself to blame for this pressure.

Now where does this pressure come from? This pressure to perform?

You see in India, in this country with a population of 1.25 billion people the competition for good jobs and thereby improving the quality of life is so HUGE, it is so FIERCE! And this is seen even in shooting.

Parents feel and these youngsters feel that if they become an international shooter or if they get an Olympic medal the parents feel that their children or the shooters themselves feel that they can get a good job with a public sector company or with the state government through the sports quota.

And it is with this ‘approach’ and ‘attitude’ that they approach or take up shooting with the sole objective of becoming an international shooter. Hoping that when they do that they will land a good job through the sports quota.

So, the moment they fail and you are bound to fail, in every sport and in every aspect of life you are bound to fail.

Failure is necessary and is a cornerstone to success, because if you don’t fail you will not know where you are going wrong.

So you are bound to fail. But if you are putting so much pressure upon yourself to perform that every failure becomes so HUGE for you, The failure is blown out of proportion for you. Then that leads to a very serious problem which is you lose the joy of shooting.

The same joy of shooting with which you could shoot beyond 570 vey easily, the joy which made you do that, is now GONE!

Now, every time you go for a match or your child goes for a match, you are under so much of pressure TO PERFORM! TO PERFORM! TO PERFORM!

As a result there is NO JOY IN EXECUTING the shot. Therefore you get stuck on the 550s. Talented shooters just don’t know how to get out of it.
Neither do the parents know how to get out of it.

But now you have this opportunity not only to get out of this vicious cycle. You will learn how to shoot brilliantly!

The first CLUE or TIP is to STOP SCORING!