What is the Ultimate Mental Focus on when the sights come into the aiming area? - Foresight Shooting

Hello friends,

In the last video we had discussed what your mental focus should be like when you step into the shooting range.
In short, when you come onto the shooting range, you should be thinking, or you should be mentally focussed on what you are going to do when your sights come into the aiming area?

There is something even deeper than this and I would like you to engage with me and give me the answer to this question.

What is it that all the top notch shooters, I am talking about the shooters who take part in the World Cups and the Olympics and are ranked from World No. 1 to 20.

What is it that they are focussed on when their sights come into the aiming area? What is the ultimate thing that they are mentally focussed on?

So, give me your answers, please reply on the email id provided at the end of this video. Or you can reply on facebook or YouTube.

I will get back to you with this answer but I would like you to think about this because if you are planning to become a world class shooter then this is what you should KNOW.

Not only should you be thinking about what you should do when your sights come into the aiming area but what is the ultimate thing which all the top shooters are concerned about and find it a great challenge which requires the ultimate mental focus.