Vlog – The Spider’s Web. - Foresight Shooting

Hello friends,

Like you, I also had many dreams when I started my shooting. In pursuit of my dreams, I learned and realized a lot of things, 30 years down the line one of the most curious thing that I have noticed, not only with myself but with all the shooters that I see around me is that when you begin your shooting, you have these dreams, you have these goals and you're full of energy.

Full of enthusiasm to follow your dreams, to chase your dreams but somewhere along the line; This enthusiasm this love for shooting this passion for shooting goes down and it is replaced with pessimism and negativity and you no longer enjoy your shooting.

But you are propelled to continue shooting, to chase those dreams, though from inside you're constantly feeling down especially when the match approaches. The day of the match comes, the moment you're on the firing Point, you're feeling down.

Where does that Joy go? And how can we bring this Joy, this Love, this passion for shooting back. Back on the firing point on the day of the match. To understand this I will give you an example of the spider's web.

Like the spider; all Shooters in the world, you, me, everyone is stuck like the spider in the web, and this web is made by ourselves, so what is this spider's web? What is this Shooter’s web? What is this web in which a shooter finds himself?

Please understand what I'm trying to say now. The spider makes its web from the spinnerets, which are under the body, and it spins a thread like silk from one point to another and then from the next point to another, it cris crosses till the entire spider's web is made and it lives in that web.

So, how does the shooter form his web? The shooter develops his web through his thinking, emotions, feelings, and mood. We have discussed in the previous video how your thinking affects your mood, which is a sum of all your feelings and your emotions, so let us very carefully see how this web is formed in which a shooter, every shooter in the world, finds himself.

And when he gets into this web, he doesn't seem to cross a certain score level, his performance doesn't improve. It keeps fluctuating up and down up and down. He's stuck in this web of his creation. So let us understand how this web is created?

Now for every shot we shoot. In my previous video, I discussed the route from A to B to C to follow through. The firing platform is A, B is the point above the target. From B to C, we travel where C is the aiming area, and in C till we execute the shot till follow through that is Ft, so A to B to C to Ft is the route we follow for every shot, every shooter in the world does it.

What happens is at the end of follow-through, after the shot is fired, you check your Target, and the result is there. It could be anything. If it is an eight, your mood is down, immediately your feelings, your mood, your energy, everything comes down, but if it's a 10, you feel good immediately. Your mood is good, your energy level goes high, and you think positively.

The route that we take from A to B to C to follow through is one string, as shown in this Clip, and like this, in 60 shots, we form a web full of strings. Every shot is a string for every picture. We create a string with a feeling and emotion attached to it in the shot value.

Now, in between one shot and the second shot, a lot of emotion and thinking goes in between one shot and the second shot, as shown in this video. This feeling, this emotion, this thinking can either be positive or negative and usually, as we have discussed several times, depends on the result of the last shot and your expectation of the shot to come.

Now we go on shooting match after match after match, and after every game, the result that you get is an average of all the shots that you have shot, so if you have hit this score, then it is an average score of the number of 10 and eights or whatever will give an average.

And as you go on shooting several matches, what happens is that you create these webs, this emotion, this emotional web in which we are stuck.

This web has its energy level, and you're stuck in that. You may try hard to get out of it. You want to improve, but your scores will go up. They'll come down, go up and come down because you are stuck in this pattern.

This web is nothing but a pattern that we have created through our emotions and thinking, which we keep on repeating from match to match and in a game also from shot to shot to shot, and in between one shot and the second shot and the next shot this habit pattern is followed and repeated again and again and again till you have a web of emotions in which you are stuck like a spider and your scores just keep fluctuating up and down up and down, and this forms the spider's web in which every shooter in the world finds himself in.

Now that you have understood what I'm talking about; how we create a web of our own, we will discuss in the following video, in greater detail how to cut through this web, this cycle of scores, that go up and down.
Understand what I'm trying to say because this understanding is what we will use to cut through this web and increase performance.