Treat your match like a practice session

Sage advice given by people who appear to be sage. Appear to be sage because they walk off leaving you wondering how you can go about implementing the advice.

Treat your match like your training session”.

Well that’s all very well, what are the steps that one should take so that you can actually treat your match like your training session? When I was shooting, nobody ever told me what the steps were.

Today, we are going to study the steps. When you follow these steps, you will learn how to treat each and every trg. session like a match? And how you will treat each match like your training session.

If you want treat your training session to be like a match and your match like a training session then you have to develop and FOLLOW the same ROUTINE for your training session and the same routine for your match.

What do I mean by ‘routine’?

If you recollect, when you are going for a training session, your routine is very relaxed, while you are travelling, when you reach the range you are quite relaxed and each training session routine is different from the last. There is no ‘sameness’. One training session is not similar to the other training session.

And at the same time, when you think how you shoot a match, you are extremely serious, you are extremely focussed on your performance and it is completely different, this routine that you follow for a match is completely different from your training session. Isn’t it?

The first step to treat your match like a training session and your training session like a match, is to develop a ROUTINE which is the same for your training session and match.

The steps you should follow in your daily routine must be the same each time you go for practice on your shooting range. Briefly the steps are as follows;

1. Set yourself a Goal for each and every shooting session.

Your goal should never be a score, it should be related to achieving proficiency in your technique for shooting a ‘10’.

(refer to Video No. 145, Module No. 4 – Advanced Training Methodology)

2. Write your Goal in your Diary:

Every shooter must maintain his shooting diary, where the Goal for each training session is written down.

(How to write and maintain your diary is provided in my 10 meter air pistol training modules, Watch Videos 79 to 82 in Training Methodology, Module No. 3.)

3. Steps on the Shooting Range:

Once you reach the shooting range, you must follow the steps provided below without any deviation from one training session to another and follow the same steps for the match.

  1. Warming up – Physically, Mentally and Technically.

Warming up are of three types,

Physical warming up : You must do the physical warming up exercises for at least 15 minutes.

Mental Warming up : The steps you should take to mentally relax as well as focus on your what you are going to do while shooting.

Technical Warming up: practice the different steps in your technique for shooting a ‘10’ – Sight Alignment, Focus, Trigger operation.

(To learn how to warm up, Please watch my 10 meter 68 to 70 in Training Methodology Module 3 & Videos 145 to 147 in Advanced Training Methodology Module 4.)

Once you have completed your warming up you should write down the steps that you will take when you occupy the lane.  

Occupying your lane:

When you occupy your lane you must always follow the same steps which you follow in your training session,

Briefly these are as follows;

Write down what are the things you will do in your preparation time.

Write down how many shots you will shoot during sighters and what are the important points that you should focus on in your technique – Sight alignment, focus, trigger etc.

Shooting Records Shots:

You must shoot 60 record shots within the time you are supposed to shoot in a match. Therefore shoot the same way in your training session.

In case you wish to shoot more shots, then shoot in a 60 shot format followed by an additional 40 shot format.

After you have completed your session, remember to write your diary.

If you follow the above steps then you will be able to treat your match like your training session,

Please note : The above steps are written in brief, for a more detailed discussion refer to the videos and text lessons indicated above. You can find these video’s in my 10 meter air pistol training modules listed on my website.