The Yoga of Air Pistol Shooting – Energy Level II - Foresight Shooting

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In the last video, we discussed that in the circle, if your concentration level is high the shot value is high if it drops then the shot value drops.

Throughout the match it is not possible to maintain a consistent high level of concentration which as we all wish should be between a 10 .0 to 10.9

Now why this doesn't happen is because your concentration level depends on your energy level. I have discussed these four steps in the Curious Case of the missing tens, in this video we are going a little bit deeper.

Now your concentration level, is just like the intensity of the sun, when the Sun is bright right above your head in a hot summer day in the afternoon. If you take a magnifying glass all right. The Sun is bright, the energy level is very high and if you focus the magnifying glass on a piece of paper within no time it catches fire.

Why? because the intensity, the energy level of the Sun, during a summer day is so high, when you concentrate the sun's Rays the paper catches fire very fast.

Sometimes on a cloudy day, if you take the magnifying glass, the sun energy is low because of the clouds the sun's intensity becomes low and therefore the concentration level is also very low and the paper will just become light brown it will not catch fire immediately.

So it is the same way with our human mind and the human body. Our energy level, our concentration level, the intensity of concentration depends upon the energy level of our body and mind.

There are three things which affect or dampen your concentration level, the intensity of concentration. That is; when the energy level of your body is down, specifically just before the match, the night before, if you have not slept very well, then the next day you feel tired, your energy level is down and it's very difficult to bring up your performance level, your concentration level because your energy level is down and that is why it is always recommended that you sleep well and get into the habit of having a very good night's sleep before a match.

The second thing is your diet; I have noticed that some Shooters tend to have a very very heavy breakfast, just before their match or a very heavy lunch.

What happens is; you need all the blood to come to your brain to provide you the oxygen required to maintain the concentration level and the energy level.

Unfortunately, when your stomach is full, your blood flow is concentrated in digestion and the blood flow to the brain is less. Therefore the oxygen level, is low your energy level is low, your concentration level is also low.

The second thing about your diet is that you must always have a vegetarian diet. If you have a heavy non-vegetarian diet, it is more difficult to digest therefore your blood supply to the brain will be affected and your energy level will come down, your concentration level will also come down.

The third thing is, sometimes, if it's your bad luck, you are not feeling well, you may have a cold, cough temperature, and your energy level goes down, dragging your concentration level down.

That is why your energy level has to be very, very high when you go in the match because your concentration level, intensity of concentration will also be very high if your energy level is high.

If your energy level is low, your concentration level will be low and your performance in the match will not be up to your expectations. So this is the second step.

In the next video we will discuss the third Foundation level which is the mood.

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