The Mental Shot Program - Foresight Shooting

The ‘Mental Shot Program’ is a skill, which you must learn, if you wish to be in the list of top shooters in the world. This ‘Mental Shot Program’ is a closely guarded secret, held by a handful of the worlds best coaches.

And they keep it very close to their chest.

The reason for this should be obvious to anybody, it has taken these coaches, years to work out the steps or if you choose to call it – ‘Secret Formula’.

With this supposedly ‘Secret Formula’, even an average shooter, can improve his scores rapidly. Provided he is willing to work hard.

This ‘Secret Formula’ is NOT a magic potion or a pill, which you can swallow and turn yourself into a Knight overnight.

Or for that matter into a graceful swan from a waddling duck overnight. You still have to work hard, to learn and master each and every step.

I prefer to call it (secret formula) as the ‘Mental Shot Program’. This naturally robs it of it’s sheen.

What does this ‘Mental Shot Program’ do?

The MSP (mental shot program) helps a shooter to very easily follow each and every step in his technique for shooting a ‘10’. And this he can do, in practice as well as in Competitions and most importantly, in the Finals.

The shooter who has the MSP wired into his mind correctly, shoots brilliantly, unaffected by match pressure.

The MSP is precisely like a software program, which has a distinct starting and ending point. Between these two points, the MSP runs like a movie or a video.

When the video runs its course and reaches the end. It stops and repeats itself. This cycle repeats itself over and over again, as long as the shooter wants it to run.

On your Android smartphones, you may have seen such clips, we know them as GIFs.

To summarise, the MSP is a video clip, which is looped and thus runs in the shooter’s mind precisely like a GIF.

A software program is written in a software programming language, such as JAVA, PHP, C++ etc. The MSP is written in a language known as the NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING.

Just as the software program is written by a qualified software programmer, the very same way, the MSP is written by a highly experienced Coach.

While there are millions of computer software programmers in the world, Coaches who can wire the MSP into the shooter’s brain SUCCESSFULLY can be counted on the fingers of ONE HAND...

Members of this website, regardless of which country they belong, are learning how to master the Mental Shot Program.