The Curious Case of the Missing 10s - Foresight Shooting

Hi Shooters,
Here I am again with a very, very interesting video and the title of this video is, the curious case of the Missing 10s.

Have you noticed in a Match, you don’t shoot the way you shoot in your practice match. In your practice match you shoot a number of 10s, rows of 10s but when you are shooting in a match, you will find to your great disgust you shoot a lot of 9.9s, 9.8s the missing 10s.

For somebody who is shooting 30 to 35 10s out of 60 shots in a practice match finds himself shooting a number of 9.9s and missing 10s, ending up with shooting 20 to 25 10s.

Now, does that mean that a shooter who can shoot 30 to 35 10s in a practice match does not know how to shoot a 10? I don’t believe that a shooter who can shoot 30 to 35 10s in a practice match does not know how to shoot a 10.

There is something missing when he is shooting a match. It is the same shooter who shoots 30 to 35 tens in his practice sessions but in a match something is missing. What is that something?

Today will be discussing what is missing when he shoots in a match which results in a lot of missing tens. The Curious case of the Missing tens.

To understand this, you have to understand the relationship between four things.

  • The first is your ‘Thinking’. When you are shooting, what you are thinking?
  • The second thing is your ‘Mood’. How you are feeling when you are shooting in a match.
  • The third thing is your ‘Energy Level’, is your energy level high or low?
  • The fourth thing is your ‘Concentration Level’, whether it is high or low?

Now we all know that shooting is a sport that requires a very high level of mental focus and concentration. So if your concentration level is very high you will shoot between a 10.1 to 10.9.

But if your concentration level drops then you will shoot a 9, if it drops further, you may shoot an 8 or if it drops further then you may shoot a 7.

So as your concentration level goes high or low, you will shoot good shots or bad shots.

Now your concentration level depends on your ‘Energy Level’. Obviously, you can concentrate on a very high, intense level if your ‘Energy Level’ is high. And what is this energy level? It is the ‘Mental Energy Level’.
The higher the mental energy level, the higher the level of your concentration.

Just like when you go out with a magnifying glass, and focus the rays of the sun to burn a hole in a paper. If the sun is bright and there are no clouds, and if the sky is clear, the sun is shining brightly you will be able to burn a hole very quickly.

But the same thing will not happen if it is cloudy, obviously, the sun is covered by the clouds and you will not be able to get the same energy level, the same concentration level.

And that is precisely what I mean by getting a high concentration level depending upon your high mental energy level. So as your mental energy level goes high, your concentration level goes high and you will be able to shoot tens.

Vice versa, if your mental energy level goes down, your concentration level will go down, you will shoot 9s, 8s, 7s…

Now, your ‘Mental energy level’ depends on your ‘MOOD’.

What is your mood like? How are you feeling when you are shooting?

If your mood level is very good, your energy level will be very good, your concentration level will be very good.

Just think about it, think about your concentration level? Think whenever your mood was very good. You were happy and in a positive frame of mind. Your mental energy level was equally high and your concentration level was also equally high.

This how your Mood relates to your Energy Level, and your energy level relates to your Concentration Level.
Your ‘Mood’ depends upon what you are thinking while shooting? If you are thinking negatively, your mood will go down and this is very easy to understand.

Just stop and think, whenever your mood is bad, not only during shooting but otherwise also. If you are little down in the dumps, it is because of what you were thinking.

It’s because of what’s going on in your mind. Just think back, think back to situations in your life, and try and see when your mood was down. And 100 tome out of 100 at that point in time, your thinking was also negative.

In the same way, think when your mood was high, you are feeling very good. Your thinking will also be very positive. So if your thinking is positive, your mood level is high, correspondingly your energy level is also high and your concentration level will also be high.

So the key to great shooting. For shooting rows of tens and to shoot tens is what you are thinking when you are shooting and this is the relationship between your thinking No. 1 with No. 2 How your thinking affects your Mood?

And how your Mood affects No.3 Your Energy level and how your energy level affects No. 4 your concentration level.

So, in the next video, you will see the tapestry where you will see at a glance how whatever you are thinking affects your score.

Whether it is good or bad, negative or positive.

In the next video we will be going more deeper to find out the secret of how to shoot rows of tens.

Till then, happy shooting.