The 3rd Step – Mental focus follow through on trigger operation. - Foresight Shooting

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In the last two videos, we discussed the first step, which is how to make your aiming process automatic. And in the following video, I discussed step number two, which is correct trigger operation, and how to make it also automatic.

In this video, as promised, we will discuss the third and the most crucial step, which is keeping the mind focused 100 % on your automatic trigger operation, before, during after the shot is fired. This is called as mental focus follow-through, on trigger operation, and this is the most challenging aspect. Can I tell you why?

Try to keep your mind focused on one thought, just one thought. Think about anything, and close your eyes. How many seconds can you keep your mind focused on just one thought?

It's tough because when you focus on one thought, other thoughts collide with that thought, and your attention will start wavering from one thought to the other. It starts jumping, as shown in this video.

And the world's best shooters. Remember, in my video, level one, level two, level three, etc. The level one shooter shoots rows of tens because he has mastered the skill of how to keep his mind focused on just one thing: the trigger operation.

And this is the third step, which also overlaps with mental skills. Remember, in that graph, I showed you, the pie chart 90 % is mental skills, and one slice of this five percent is technical skills. And the last part, the third step of the technical skills is the mental focus overlaps with the 90 Mental skills.

How do you keep your mind focused 100 percent until you achieve proper trigger follow-through?

Again, it would be best if you had an excellent coach who would teach you all these things, or second, you could come and train with me. Subscribe to my modules on my website,, and I will teach you how to keep your mind focused on the trigger operation.

Once again, I'll give you a hint; you must concentrate on breathing. In the Indian tradition, concentration levels rise as you keep practicing Tratak Anulom Vilom.

And this concentration level is what we take into our trigger execution. Using the TAV exercises, we maintain a very high mental concentration, mental focus on the trigger operation before, during, and after the shot is fired.

And this is again explained in Training Methodology module number four, which is Advanced Training methodology. The third thing that we use is the AR templates, the augmented reality templates, which we have discussed in one of our previous videos, which is there on YouTube.

Using all these techniques, we learn the third and most critical aspect of shooting, which is to keep your mind focused on just one task, which is trigger operation.

In the following videos, we will discuss mental skills and learn different methods of keeping the mind focused, like a level-one shooter.

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