Should you train for a 40 shot match or 60 shot match?

Hello Friends,

Should you train for a 40 shot match or a 60 shot match during your training session.

I remember in the 90s, we shot a 40-shot match because that was the normal format. Then in the early 90s, the UIT changed the format from a 40-shot match to 60 shots.

We found it difficult to adapt to the 60 shot match but eventually, with practice we could do it quite easily.

It is now 2022 and it’s been over thirty years since the change of format from 40 shots to 60 shots but I find it extremely amusing to see shooters shooting 40 shots in a training session while competing at the national level in the 60 shot match.

Obviously, if you are going to train for 40 shots only, you are bound to underperform physically as well as mentally when you take part directly in a 60-shots match in the nationals.

Just imagine if Usain Bolt and Carl Lewis trained only for 60 meters instead of the 100 meters.

Do you think that makes sense?

Well in the same way, if you are going to participate at the National level in a 60-shots match then you cannot train for 40 shots. Ideally, you should be shooting 90 shots minimum per session.

And if you have the aspirations to reach the national level to represent your country then 120 to 150 shots per training session is the bare minimum. With two sessions per day, you can hope to reach the national team.

So, please do not shoot 40 shot matches, if you are taking part in a 60 shot match train for a minimum 90 shot, 120 shot 150 shots per session then you will understand what it takes to be physically fit and mentally fit t shoot over a prolonged session.