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With a 1.25 billion population and more than 300,000 shooters in India (rifle & pistol)

India in the recent years has become a powerhouse in shooting, replacing China as the No.1 country in shooting sports.

Each year, we see new talent emerging and replacing the previous lot within a very short period of 2 to 3 years.

How has this come about?

One of the primary reason for this surge in shooting sports and high performance scores on the world stage is ‘Self-belief’.

Today in India, youngsters in the age group of 15 to 20 years, BELIEVE that they can shoot far better than their seniors and THEY ARE DOING IT.

This ‘self-belief’ can be developed within oneself at any age, however, it is easier to develop at an early age.

This is due to the fact that the minds of youngsters are still malleable, like fresh clay in the hands of a potter building pots. They are more OPEN to ideas and dreams!

As the years go by, the clay becomes less malleable due to hardening of self limiting beliefs. That is why we see many senior World No. 1 shooters, both ladies and gents being overtaken by the younger crowd.

It is not that the seniors are incapable of putting in hard work, they do and in some cases put in more effort than the junior lot.

What trips them up is that somewhere within themselves, the motivation level reduces.

And most importantly they are less open to new ideas for raising their motivation levels, less open to try out new techniques, Hence the motivation, and drive for winning more medals erodes over time hence they are bypassed.

In Module No. 6 – The Mental Shot Program, techniques for developing a strong self image and how to motivate oneself are discussed.

As a matter of fact, the techniques provided in the module can be used by anybody for excelling in any area of interest besides sports.

All that is required is an OPEN and POSITIVE mind.