Observation Guide on World Class Shooters Manu Bhaker

In the recently concluded National Championships in Bhopal, I had the opportunity of observing the World No. 1 Shooter in Air Pistol Ms Manu Bhaker, shooting during practise sessions and during the match. These are some of my observations;

1. Training Sessions:

There was no difference in her intensity of purpose and seriousness during practice sessions. She shoots her practice sessions exactly the way she shoots in matches.

This is precisely what I have advocated in my blog posts and Module No. 4 Advanced Training Methodology.

Compared to her, 99% of the shooters around her with a few exceptions were shooting their practice sessions in an undisciplined manner.

2. Composure and Poise:

While practising she was neither distracted nor unsettled in any manner, in fact her composure was almost monk like, calm. Cool and composed.

This poise came from the depth of visualisation which she practised before each and every shot.

In Module No. 4 Advanced Training Methodology, I have discussed this very important step (visualisation) and how it should be done to get into the zone.

3. Shot Cycle:

Each and every shot cycle was the same from shot to shot. (Shot Cycle explained in Mod. No. 1 Basic Training).

4. The Route:

The route is the path, which the sights of the shooter’s pistol follows, from Pt. A, which is the shooting platform to Pt. B, which is the point above the target where the pistol is raised and then lowered into Pt. C, which is the aiming area.

The time taken by Ms Manu Bhaker along the route was clockwork, precise and almost robot like in its sameness from shot to shot.

The Route is explained in Mod. No. 2 Technique for shooting a ‘10’.

5. Trigger timing:

Undoubtedly, she has worked thousands of hours mastering her trigger timing, but the key to her trigger timing lies not only in her extremely powerful visualisation before each and every shot but also the follow through of 3 to 4 seconds after the shot is fired.

6. Self Image:

Manu Bhaker’s Self Image is perhaps one of the most powerful and strongest that I have seen in any shooter. If you know what self-image means, then you have to only look into her eyes.

Hats off to her and I wish her the very best and pray that she shoots for many, many years to come.