Mental Shot Program – How to make it Work for You - Foresight Shooting

The first step in developing your MSP, is to find a Coach who knows what MSP is in the first place.

Secondly, he must have the experience in successfully implementing it in his students (read the review by Aparna Salunkhe). ‘Successfully’, means a rapid increase in scores in practice as well as in a match.

First and foremost, while developing the MSP, the coach corrects the Basic Techniques in his students. Most shooters have faulty Basics, as a result their scores keeps fluctuating from match to match.

Once the Coach is satisfied that his student has a good command over the Basics, he then proceeds to explain the ‘Theory’ of the MSP to his students. This way, before the student launches into actual training, he has a clear idea of the road which lies ahead, for mastering the MSP.

Next the Coach works out the student’s technique for shooting a ‘10’. Mind you, this technique is common to all shooters, however the ‘style’ adopted by each shooter varies.

For example, shooter A, lifts his pistol straight into the aiming area, while shooter B lifts the pistol above the target, then brings it down into the aiming area.

Also, the ‘breathing’, shooting position’ and many other such steps differ slightly from shooter to shooter. So, shooting ‘style’ varies, but the ‘technique’ for shooting a ‘10’ is common.

Having determined his student’s style, the coach along with his student identifies the areas for improvement. I will explain this further.

To shoot a ‘10’ consistently, requires mastery over different skills, such as sight alignment, focus, reduced arc of movement, trigger operation to name just a few on the list of skills required to shoot a ‘10’.

The Coach identifies the skills where his student needs to improve, for this he provides his student a ‘Training Program’ which is to be followed correctly.

A ‘Training Program’ is useless unless the progress made by the student is ‘measurable’. Without a ‘measuring’ tool, neither the student nor the coach will be able to figure out the progress the student has made in each training session.

Therefore, a good coach must also provide his students, tools for measuring his progress in each training session.

The MSP is also part of the ‘Training Program’. As the shooter progresses in gaining mastery over the skills, the MSP works side by side in ‘ reinforcing ’ these skills quickly.

Just like a wall is built out of bricks and mortar (cement, sand, water). The MSP acts like the mortar which holds each brick in its place.

Using the MSP helps the student to rapidly move from Basic Training to Advanced Training. After finishing advanced training, the student uses the MSP in developing his mental skills for translating his practice scores into matches.

The MSP will work only if the shooter develops mastery over the Basics, then learns the Technique for shooting a ‘10’ through a correct Training Methodology (training program).

He then progresses to Advanced Training Methodology. Finally, to translate the practice scores in matches, he advances into Mental Skill Training.

When you join as a member and if you wish to develop your MSP then you also will be systematically taken through the abovementioned steps – Basics, Technique for shooting a ‘10’, Training methodology, Advanced Training Methodology and finally Mental Training.