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    Very shortly, I will be launching air pistol coaching webinars. For those of you, who do not know what webinars are, then here is a simple explanation;

    Webinars are classroom lectures/seminars, hosted on the web by an expert/coach (myself), on a particular subject (air pistol coaching) to students all over the world, using video conferencing software. The key feature of webinars is that it allows real time live discussions enabling the coach to providing answers to questions on the spot.

    Webinars therefore remove the final mental barrier for students who believe that coaching can only be done face to face. Webinars therefore transcend geographical boundaries and time zones, since webinars can now be accessed at the convenience of each student whenever it suits them (time wise).

    This then brings me to the next point, which is, what and how will the content of each webinar be relevant to beginners, intermediate and advanced level students?

    Roughly, my webinars will address three categories of shooters;

    1. The Basic Free Course, Module No. 1, which will address all beginners.
    2. The Intermediate course will be for Modules 2 to 5, which will address those students who are already working on these modules for a period of 6 to 12 months.
    3. The advanced course webinars, are meant only for those students who have matured and understood the concepts laid out in Modules 2 to 5 and who have attained a fair degree of proficiency. Specifically these webinars deal with Module No. 6 : The Mental Shot Program.

    Presently, online coaching, interaction and discussions were held on our WhatsApp group: The Elite Member’s Group. Additionally, my students could video call me and or call me via the phone.

    The limitations of this medium were, that the benefit of in-depth discussion of each point, benefited only ONE shooter at a time. Through webinars, ALL my students would benefit from my interaction with each student, plus, they can access this webinar anytime to review the discussion again and again. Also, those who could not attend a particular webinar, will now be able to do so by accessing the recorded webinars stored on my website.

    Additionally, if a shooter wants me to view his shooting live, then this can also be achieved quite easily. This is particularly relevant to the present Corona Virus time.

    Videos in English and Hindi have been uploaded on YouTube, which explains how you can access my webinars. The links are provided below;

    You Tube Video Links



    You are requested to go through and prepare yourself technically for participating in my webinars.


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