How to control your front sight as well as your rear sights?

Hello Shooters,

This is the vlog which will explain to you “How to stay focused during a match & not distracted by scores”.

Most shooters are worried about how to keep themselves focused on a match & do not want to get distracted by the scores they are hitting.

My elite members who are regularly posting their diaries in whatsapp group. They wanted me to address this issue they were facing during their shooting competition.

In this Vlog, I have explained the following topics –

  1. What is the route in 10 meter air pistol shooting ?
  2. How does the route work?
  3. Different factors that disturbs you when shooting?
  4. How to increase mental focus & break match habit patterns?

I broke down the process of staying focused during a match in the above 4 sub topics. Also there is a question & answers session where I have answered the questions asked by shooters.