How to improve 10 M Air Pistol scores by training at home


Improve your 10 Meter Air Pistol scores when you have time constraint for daily practice


One of the reasons why shooters do not improve their performance / scores is due to lack of time. Almost every shooter faces this problem whether he / she is studying or working.

In my recently conducted survey, almost all the shooters who responded indicated that they can devote two hours per day for shooting. Obviously, they mean two hours on the shooting range but what if I told you that you can almost DOUBLE this time?

Yes! You can do so by adding one more training session at HOME in addition to the time you spend on the shooting range.

In Module No. 3 Training Methodology, I have provided detailed exercises which can be done at home. All you need to do is to rejig, reschedule your daily timetable.

And most importantly, you need nothing more than the following;

  1. An air pistol.
  2. A 10 M Air Rifle Target.
  3. A simple measuring tape
  4. Determination and resolve to train the extra hours.

In Module No. 1 Basic Training for 10 M Air Pistol Shooting, I had discussed ‘Follow Through’ in great detail. I have also simplified ‘Follow Through’ into two parts;

  1. The Aiming process
  2. The Trigger operation.

I had also discussed in great detail the importance of mastering the ‘Aiming Process’.

In Module No. 3 Training Methodology, A set of exercises have been discussed through videos and text lessons which help you to master the ‘Aiming Process’ at HOME!

Once you have mastered the Aiming Process your scores WILL IMPROVE.

On the shooting range, you can concentrate on mastering the ‘Trigger Operation’.

Practicing at HOME has another major advantage this is as follows;

Training for 10 meter Air Pistol Competitions :

When you go for competitions, you have to wait for your shooting detail for anything between 2 – 3 days. In your hotel room, you can put into practice the Exercises (explained in Module No. 3, Training Methodology) for not only mastering the Aiming process but also practice the Technique for Shooting a ‘10’. (Module No. 2).

This ensures that your skill level and confidence level remains very HIGH and you are MENTALLY prepared to shoot your match with a high degree of control over your technique.

If you wish to double your training time and improve your scores then become an Elite Member and avail of the novel Training Methods explained in Module No. 2 & 3.

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