How to Correct Dry Firing And Live Shooting a 10 Using Correct Follow Through Technique

Hello friends,

In this VLOG, I will be demonstrating the correct dry firing technique for the 10 M air Pistol shooting.

More often than not, you will see that shooters, when they dry fire, bring the pistol down immediately after the dry shot is fired. The moment they hear the ‘tick’ sound occurring during dry firing, they reflexively bring the pistol down as shown in the video.

This programs the subconscious mind to reproduce exactly the same action while ‘live firing’ at the expense of a correct ‘follow through’. Obviously, the chances of your shot going in the 10 are vastly reduced.

It is recommended, to continue holding the pistol for a few seconds after the shot, reproducing all the things that were being done before and during the shot to continue after the shot has gone in the extended holding.

In the live firing demo, you will see the correct follow through result obtained due to the correct habit ingrained within the subconscious mind, to continue the follow through in an extended holding after the shot.