How do you define Talent? & How to find a good Coach? - Foresight Shooting

Hello Friends,

This is a series of videos and blogs which should be seen by youngsters and not only youngsters who wish to take up the sport of shooting but also their Parents.

Now, every parent thinks that his child is talented. Talented enough to become an international shooter. And this is the goal of every youngster who takes up the sport and also the parents who want their children to take up the sport.

If you really want to know whether you are really talented to excel in this sport then you must first understand the definition of ‘talent’.

Let me give you my definition of ‘talent’;

Talent is the ‘ability’ to quickly adapt to the demands of the sport of 10 m Air Pistol Shooting.

What is the ‘demand’ of the sport? The ‘demand’ of the sport is that your ‘aiming process’ must be automatic and your ‘trigger operation’ must be automatic and this must happen for a minimum of forty shots out of sixty record shots.

Now, the first thing you want to know is the automatic aiming process and automatic trigger operation.

The automatic aiming process is when the sights come into the aiming area, the sights must be aligned, in sharp focus, and the arc of movement should be reduced to the minimum all these three things should happen automatically when the sights come into the aiming area.

And you have to master the aiming process first because if you haven’t mastered the aiming process, your mind or attention will continuously go on the sights when they are moving if they are not aligned or they are not in sharp focus.

As a result, your mental focus on your smooth, continuous trigger operation is disturbed and you have something called the stop, start, stop-start trigger operation which results in a jerky shot and the shot may go anywhere.

So you have to master the aiming process, make it automatic, and then you have to learn how to make your trigger operation also, automatic.

What is automatic trigger operation, when your sights come into the aiming area, your trigger starts moving smoothly continuously and automatically before during, and after the shot is fired, this is called a trigger operation follow through.

Both the trigger operation and the aiming process have to be automatic and to make both the aiming area and trigger operation automatic you must have a very good coach or the knowledge which will show you how to master both, the trigger operation and the aiming process so that both become automatic.

You should be able to spot a very good coach or the parents should be able to spot a very good coach. Now how will you find that out? How will you know whether a coach is good or not good?
You can ask a supposed coach the following question;

What is the meaning of ‘follow through’?

I am not going to give you the correct answer. I want you to go to my website, there is a Free Basic Course and it starts off with the correct definition of ‘follow-through’.
Once you have understood what the definition of correct follow-through is, then when you ask this question to any coach. You compare it with what he is replying and compare it with what is given in my free basic course, the correct definition of follow through and you will come to know whether this coach is good enough to train with or not.

So, the first and most important thing is that you should have the intelligence, the fire in the belly the ability to find the correct coach. For this, you have to take the effort for going on my website and finding out the meaning of correct follow-through which is not given anywhere on the internet.

Do you have the fire, then go on my website, find out the meaning of correct follow through then compare it with what others have to say then decide who you want to be coached with. Till then thank you.