Get out of your ‘Comfort Zone’ - Foresight Shooting

What really takes my breath away is how young shooters follow BLINDLY what they hear or are told by some coaches. I have seen young shooters adopt a robotic, feet parallel stance on the firing point.

They rigidly place their feet, as perfectly parallel to each other regardless of how uncomfortable the position is to them.

In my Basic Videos, I have explained the importance of taking a relaxed and comfortable stance which directly contributes in reducing the arc of movement .

An angled position of the body also contributes greatly to COMFORT and reduction of the arc of movement.

Unfortunately, young shooters, feel COMFORTABLE in following instructions rather than applying their minds. They are scared in adopting any stance/ position which goes contrary to those adopted by shooters on their range. Stuck inside their ‘comfort zone’ they continue shooting, trying not to ruffle the feathers of those around them.

In a domestic State Level Competition, I observed a range official (who is himself a run of the mill shooter) rebuking a youngster who had taken an angled stance.

So, not only shooters blindly follow what they have been told, but also go on to mindlessly propagate what they have been following to juniors.

Over the years, I have seen these shooters, fade away or worse, start their own shooting clubs.

To all these youngsters, my simple advice is to go on the YouTube and watch the feet and body positions of the shooters who are in the Finals.

Or check out the ISSF Official website on Pistol Shooting provided by Chief Coach- Mr. Zjelko Todorovic.

Observe the positions on YouTube or read what is provided on the ISSF website, then COMPARE it what you have been told and what you are following.

THINK about this, have the COURAGE to TRY out different positions, CHECK what works with you. Once you become WISER, you will be able to TALK BACK with CONFIDENCE and may even convince some of those around you to apply their minds.

Quite simply, if you want to progress as a shooter or wish to improve your scores then you need to first get out of your COMFORT ZONE .