Get out of your ‘Comfort Zone’. - Foresight Shooting

Hello friends,

In the last three videos, we discussed how to shoot a 10. The three steps; of how to shoot a 10 and rows of tens. The first step was; what is the aiming process, the three elements of the aiming process and how to make your aiming process automatic.

Because, only if you make your aiming process automatic, only then, you will be able to make your trigger operation also automatic; which is the second step.

And the third step was; when the sights come into the aiming area, you have to mentally Focus only on one task, which is the continuous trigger operation, before during and after the shot is fired.

Let me share my experience with you, back then, none of the shooters, my teammates had any idea of what the aiming process was; how to make it automatic, or whether it should become automatic.

How to make the trigger operation automatic and the third step was far and above the Horizon, which is mental focus; where do you keep your mind focused, when the sights come into the aiming area.

Nobody was there to tell us, how to go about it. During those days, there were no books and of course, there was no internet, where you could get all this information. 30 years down the line, where on the internet, will you get this kind of information? Of how to shoot rows of tens. Three steps, everything condensed into systematic training.

And I can tell you, during those days, had anyone told me what the aiming process was, I would have lapped it up. Because I would understand that this aiming process has to be mastered. Because I mastered my aiming process, almost a year and that time I didn't know what the aiming process was exactly?

It took me one year before my sights became steady, where my Focus became Sharp and my arc of movement reduced. And I got stuck in the trigger and all the shooters during those days, their trigger used to hang or they would jerk the trigger.

They had no concept of how automatic trigger works, no knowledge. And forget about the first step, where you're supposed to focus mentally.

Now even with all this knowledge, there are some people who are stuck in their comfort zone and I would like to show you exactly what the thinking is and what kind of comfort zone these shooters are in.

In this video, I will be showing you a story of a drunk, searching for his car keys under the Lamp post.

A kind-hearted passerby observes this dunk and asks him.

So this passerby looks at his watch and says I've got the time, let me help him for a few minutes; we'll find the key, so he also joins him. And they both go crawling over the place searching for the keys.

And after some time, the passerby realizes, that there's no key. So he asked the drunk

have a good laugh, this is what I'm talking about the comfort zone. The drunk is in his comfort zone, he's drunk, he's happy, he's got light, so he's searching for his keys. He's there he's in his comfort zone.

Now that's precisely what 99 % of the shooters do, they are stuck in their comfort zone. And what is this comfort zone? They refuse to accept the fact that they have to learn new concepts which will improve their performance.

They prefer to go day in and day out on the shooting range, shoot, shoot, shoot, empty tins after tins after tins and then go through the roller coaster ride of ups and downs, ups and downs.

When the score goes up, they are very happy when it goes down, they are down in the dumps and they hang around in the house depressed till the next match comes along and then they say; okay, okay, this match will be different, I'm going to do these, these, things and the story keeps on repeating itself.

The reason why I'm telling all this is; I hope to shake you out of your Moorings and break you loose from the chains that you have tied yourself to a comfort zone, which is preventing you from going up and even if someone wants to help you, like in this next clip

That is exactly the situation of most shooters. They are moving around in a cart with square wheels and when someone is offering them round Wheels; no we don't have time we are happy in our comfort zone.

And it's no wonder that Shooters give up shooting after three to four years

My dear friends, your journey to your Olympic goal or whatever your goal may be in shooting to become an international shooter, is very long and it's very difficult because there are no directions, no signposts and certainly no one to guide you.

If you have a good coach you're very lucky if you don't have a good coach you are on your own and that is why I advise you, it's very simple advice ,please keep the doors of your mind open.

Let new knowledge come in, always keep your mind open to new ideas. Test them out, don't dismiss them. Try them out, use your mind.

I hope that this video has shaken you from your Moorings if you've liked this video please like it, subscribe to it, do share it and if you have any questions please contact me. The contact details are as usual, given at the end of this video.

Thank you very much and have a very good day bye.