Cutting Through The Spider’s Web. - Foresight Shooting

Hello friends,

In the last video, The Spider's Web, I promised to provide you with a solution to cut through this web.

The spider’s web is a web that is created by our thinking and our emotions. Each strand of this web is made by the route we follow from A to B to C to follow through, and at the end of this route, after we complete the route, the result of the shot is there for us to see.

Depending on whether it is good, bad or average, that is 8, 9, or 10 we start thinking. We start thinking negatively or positively, creating a negative or positive emotion.

If it's an eight, we are depressed; our thinking is negative it leads to negative emotion. Similarly, if it is a 10, we believe that this is a good shot and it leads to a positive emotion.

So for all the 60 shots, throughout the match, we create a web, and every time we shoot match after match after match, we create these webs one after the other and we seem to be stuck in this web because we don't seem to improve beyond a specific score.

And this is a problem that we are facing, the problem is that we want to improve our scores but we cannot and that's the problem that we face. To get out of this spider’s web, we need to think very deeply.

Why is it that we get into the spider web? Why do we get into these problems? Why is it that we are facing these problems and if you look around outside the shooting world, if you just look around your entire life you'll see spider webs everywhere.

Problems, problems, problems! So the solution that I'm trying to give you will not only cut through the spider’s web (which is for the shooter) but it will also give you a solution to cut through all the spider webs that are there in your entire life in various walks of your life, be it financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, whatever. Watch the video for the reasons.

I hope you like this video and like that bird flying high in the sky. You can also do that, if you can cut through the spider web. We must learn many things, which we will discuss in the following videos. Till then happy shooting.