Physical Fitness Exercises. - Foresight Shooting

Hello Friends,

In the last videos we have progressed to doing eight sets of exercises from Exercises 1 to 8 – B. In a day, in each session if you are going to do 80 to 120 shots and if you are going to do two sessions per day that itself comes to about 240 shots.

Now that is a tremendous physical load on your body and you need to increase your physical fitness to sustain this load otherwise you will develop serious injuries.

I will be telling you ten very simple exercises and I advise you to incorporate them in your daily routine.

The first exercise is the Dumbbell Curls as shown in the video, your dumbbell should not be more than 3 kilos, for ladies it can be about 2 kilos and for gents it can be about 3 kilos. The dumbbell curls help in developing the biceps and the forearm flexors and extensors.

The next exercise is the dumbbell support curls, they specifically develop the wrist flexors and extensors.

The next exercise is the Dumbbell support curls ulnar and radial and it is done the way it is shown in the video. These develop the supinators and pronators .

The next exercise is the Overhead Dumbbells . The overhead dumbbells strengthen your triceps.

The next exercise is the Push-ups as shown in the clip. These develop the trapezius, deltoid, biceps, triceps, elbow forearms, wrist muscles.

The next exercise is the Pull ups . This exercise develops the trapezius, forearms muscles, the elbows.

The next exercise is the Dips on the parallel bar. The dips strengthens the deltoid, the pectorals, the elbow joint and the triceps.

The next exercise is the Squats, this exercise strengthens the thigh muscles, the knee joints and the core muscles of the abdomen.

The next exercise is Sit ups, these strengthen your stomach muscles and your back muscles as shown in the clip.

And finally we come to walking, the benefits of walking are shown in the clip. They greatly strengthen your leg and abdominal muscles.

1. Dumbbell Curls1 to 4 sets.
2. Dumbbell support Curls1 to 4 sets.
3. Dumbbell Ulnar & Radial1 to 4 sets.
4. Overhead Dumbbells1 to 2 sets.
5. Push ups1 to 3 sets.
6. Pull ups1 to 2 sets.
7. Dips1 to 2 sets.
8. Squats1 to 2 sets.
9. Sit ups1 to 4 sets.
10. Walking1 to 5 kms.