Beating the Lockdown Blues | Foresight Shooting

Today the entire world is going through a phase where it is safest to be at home. For the shooting fraternity, not going to the shooting range can really be irksome. However, this is an opportunity for shooters to look very closely at the following areas;

Recovery from injuries:

Many shooters continue training despite nagging pain in different parts of the body. Specifically, the neck, shoulders, elbow and knee joints being the most common. Now is the time to let your body rest and recover naturally before the niggling pain turns into something more serious, which can be very difficult to cope with in the later years.

Developing a physical fitness routine:

Those shooters who have been neglecting their physical fitness should develop a physical fitness routine which can be followed at home. This routine will not only strengthen your body but it will also keep you mentally fresh, fit and positive to face the prevailing worldwide situation.

Training at home:

Foresight Shooting is a website which has always emphasised the importance of training at home. Each module discusses different exercises which strengthen not only your basics but also provides advanced training which helps in mastering the aiming process at the subconscious level.

Stress on Yogic techniques:

Those practising different yoga techniques have greater resilience both physically and mentally to face the dangers presented by the Chinese Virus.

In Module No. 3, 4 & 5. Simple to very advanced yogic techniques related to pranayama (yogic breathing) are provided which strengthen your respiratory system to a very high level. This strengthening is vital to face the virus which affects the respiratory system.

Learning to relax:

In Module No. 5, Mental Skills, ‘Body Relaxation’ Techniques complete with downloadable audio instructions are provided for easy learning and implementation.

This is the time when you should devote more time towards learning and perfecting ‘Visualisation’ Techniques which is the next step after mastering body relaxation techniques.

Expanding your knowledge base:

With so much time on hand, this is an excellent period for gaining more knowledge about your sport. There is no other website in the world (apart from the ISSF website) which provides so much knowledge regarding air pistol shooting.

My sincerest advice to you is to use this time to expand your knowledge by subscribing to the modules on the website.