Techniques to Shoot the 10 M Air Pistol - Foresight Shooting
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      In Part -I, I had defined talent as

      the ability to quickly adapt to the demands of the sport”.

      regardless of age, height, weight, gender, economic or social background, if you have the ability to focus your mind to execute 60 records shots to near perfection, then you have the talent to excel in shooting.”

      In this part, I will be focussing on the two specific words in the above definition – ‘QUICKLY ADAPT’

      In order to perfect ‘follow through’ you need to master the following skills,

      When your sights come into the aiming area,

      Sight Alignment.

      Your sights must be steady and aligned before, during and after the shot.

      Arc of Movement.

      Your arc of movement should be at its minimum before, during and after the shot.


      Your focus on the foresight should be sharp and continuous before, during and after the shot.

      Trigger Operation.

      Your trigger pressure must be positive and continuous before, during and after the shot.

      Mental Focus.

      Your mental focus on the executing the above must be continuous before, during and after the shot.

      The abovementioned skills follow a certain sequence or steps which when followed correctly will result in a perfect ‘follow through’ or ‘10’.

      This arrangement of steps in a sequence is called as the Technique for Shooting a ‘10’.

      To those who do not have a coach or access to a correct training programme, it may take years and years before you figure out the technique for shooting a ‘10’.

      So the first step in QUICKLY ADAPTING is to get hold of someone who can demonstrate this technique for shooting a 10. And not only merely demonstrate it but he should be able to teach you the technique in a simple easy to understand and friendly manner.

      The next step is a training plan where you can learn to master the above mentioned skills as QUICKLY as possible.

      In the next part we will discuss the problems faced by shooters in adapting.

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