10 M Air Pistol Trigger Operation - Foresight Shooting

Trigger control separates the men from the boys, the international shooter from the also rans.


What is Trigger Control in the 10 M Air Pistol event?

    1. The shooter should be 100 % mentally focussed on trigger operation before, during and after the shot is fired (follow through)
    2. The trigger operation must be smooth and continuous before during and after the shot is fired – Trigger follow through.
    3. The shot should be fired with correct trigger timing.

In order to maintain 100 % mental focus on the trigger operation, the shooter must have 100% confidence in the aiming process, which is as follows;

10 M Air Pistol Aiming Process:

When the sights come into the aiming area, the shooter is confident that his sights will be steady and aligned, his arc of movement will be reduced to the minimum and his focus on front sight is locked.

Mastery over the aiming process enables the shooter to completely focus mentally on trigger operation follow through.

Module No. 3 Training Methodology provides the exercises (1 to 8B) which help the shooter attain mastery over the aiming process.

10 M Air Pistol Smooth trigger operation:

Smooth trigger operation is linked with mental focus and mastery over the aiming process. A shooter can achieve smooth trigger operation but to ensure that it is CONTINUOUS before, during and after the shot is fired (follow through) requires specific training which is explained in Module No. 4: Advanced Training Methodology.

10 M Air Pistol Trigger timing:

Trigger timing depends a lot on the shooters breathing technique, if the shooter is out of breath due to an over extended trigger operation, invariably he will loose control on his mental focus on keeping the trigger smooth and continuous. Correct breathing technique must be synchronised with mental focus on smooth continuous trigger follow through.

Modules 2 to 6 provide unique exercises based on yogic breathing techniques which enhance concentration and enables the shooter to exert more control on the trigger operation.

These 10 M Air Pistol Yogic Breathing techniques have been adapted to shooting and provide amazing results in trigger control. Members of Foresight Shooting have personally experienced these amazing jump in scores ( 15 to 20 pts)!

Finally, mastery and confidence over trigger control ensures that the shooter reaches new heights in his shooting career.