10 M Air Pistol Match Centric Training - Foresight Shooting
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    Most 10 M air pistol shooters train with the next match in mind. Training with the next match in mind does provide the motivation and intensity during training but the downside is when you shoot badly in your training session, you will get tremendously frustrated.

    Some of the questions which pop up in your mind when shooting badly are as follows;

    Oh My God! Is this how I am going to shoot in my match?
    I just have to improve my shooting before the day of the match!

    The above questions give rise to a lot of negative emotions which BLIND you from making true progress.
    You also lose the joy in the shooting which leads to a depressive state after most training sessions. Which in turn spoils not just one day but many days to come in your valuable life!

    True learning and improvement in your performance will only begin if you have the courage and the patience to take the following steps;

    Correct 10 M Air Pistol Training.

    First and foremost be realistic. You cannot become an international class shooter in six months or for that matter even 1 or 2 years!

    A realistic timespan would be 3 to 5 years, that too if you train correctly.

    So please stop dreaming and get real!

    Next, you must train under a good coach (somebody who has shot at least 570+ in a match) who can actually demonstrate how to shoot a 10 regularly in front of you.

    If such a coach is not available then you can subscribe to Module 1 to 6 on this website.

    Next, work on your Basic Techniques Module No. 1 Basic Techniques gradually move on to Module No. 2 Technique for shooting a 10 and Module No. 3 Training Methodology.

    When you subscribe to Module 2 onwards, you begin training under my daily guidance as follows;

    1. You can post training related questions on our WhatsApp group. All questions posted on this group are answered by me within 2 to 3 hours!

    2. You may also call me directly.

    3. You may also speak to me one on one via video conferencing.

    4. You can post pictures of your gripping method, position etc on WhatsApp or use video conferencing.

    5. You may if you wish can also obtain personalised training in the academy’s shooting range.

    The final step that you need to take is to develop the correct attitude towards your training.
    Attitude matters a lot!

    Once you have mentally accepted that your training time frame is 3 to 5 years, then you are on your way to developing the correct attitude towards your training.

    Your training is a journey, where each and every shot you fire (live or dry) is a step along this journey. For each and every shot you shoot, stop and check where you need to improve and above all rejoice on the points where you have made good progress.

    For example, if you are mastering sight alignment congratulate yourself if you can keep the sights steady and aligned for 3 seconds initially.

    Keep your daily training goals small and realistic.

    An unrealistic goal would be to keep your sights steady and aligned for 6 seconds (if you are a beginner).

    Maintain a goal for each training session.

    For a beginner, to keep the sights steady and aligned for 3 seconds against a blank wall is not only realistic but also easier to achieve within a few training sessions (10 to 15 sessions of 1 hour each).

    Key to rapid progress in the 10 M Air Pistol training:

    The key to making rapid progress is to keep your goals easy to achieve and to rejoice on successfully achieving your goal for each and every shot you shoot.

    This way, after each training session you will be happy and charged up positively to take on your next training session.

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