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Personal One To One Air Pistol Training Sessions


Q. What is a Personal One to one Training session?

A Personal One to one Training session is a personalized training session conducted by me at my shooting range located in Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Q. Who can register for a Personal One to one Training session?

Only Elite members of Foresightshooting website are eligible.

Q. Why Elite members should opt for a Personal One to one Training session?

Elite members who wish to improve their scores quickly should opt for a Personal One to One session(s).

Q. How are Personal One to one Training session conducted?

Personal Training sessions consists of 2 full days training which includes 4 sessions. Personal Training session will be conducted at my personal shooting range.

Q. How many personal training sessions are conducted in a month?

In a month personal training sessions are conducted for a maximum of 5 members only.

Q. How much does each Personal Training session cost?

Each session cost is Rs. 5000/- for 2 to 3 hours of training. Two Days training program will cost Rs.20,000/-

Q. Can any shooter avail of the personal training without being an Elite member?

No, Only Elite members may avail of the Personal Training sessions.

Q. How does one book a Personal Training session?

Fill out the form below and submit your preferred dates.

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Plot No. 10, Survey
No.272/A Janai Manai Rd,
Near Pazar Talav, ChandanNagar,
Kodoli, Satara , Maharashtra , India 415004

1. Only Elite members are eligible for personal training sessions .
2. Only those Shooters who submit this booking form will be entertained. Details will be worked out over the phone.

3. Shooters have to bring their own pistol and related equipment for the training session.
4. Fees does not include lodging, food or any other expense. Shooters have to bear the cost themselves.



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