Advanced Air Pistol Shooting Techniques - Foresight Shooting
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    Advanced Air Pistol Shooting Techniques


    What is ‘Self-Image’? “Self-image is how you see yourself in your mind.” And it is related to each and every activity that you do in life. A self-image related to any activity can be very positive, giving a person confidence in their thoughts and actions, or negative,...

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    10 M Air Pistol Trigger Operation

    Trigger control separates the men from the boys, the international shooter from the also rans.   What is Trigger Control in the 10 M Air Pistol event? The shooter should be 100 % mentally focussed on trigger operation before, during and after the shot is fired...

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    Treat your match like a practice session

    Sage advice given by people who appear to be sage. Appear to be sage because they walk off leaving you wondering how you can go about implementing the advice.“Treat your match like your training session”.Well that’s all very well, what are the steps that...

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    The Mental Shot Program

    The ‘Mental Shot Program’ is a skill, which you must learn, if you wish to be in the list of top shooters in the world. This ‘Mental Shot Program’ is a closely guarded secret, held by a handful of the worlds best coaches. And they keep it very close to...

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