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Priyanku Jyoti Sharma1


Name: Priyanku Jyoti Sharma @Preethvijay Sharma
Age: 37
Occupation: Govt. Servant presently posted as Exe. Magistrate cum Protocol Officer,
General Administration Deptt. Govt of Assam.
Country: India
Best Practice Score: 578/600
Best Match Score: 565/600

2. The goal for shooting: To achieve the highest standards in air pistol shooting. Strive for perfection in every shot and reach the zenith of air pistol shooting at the international level.

3. How did you come across this website ( foresightshooting )? 

Long before came into existence, I was looking for a mentor who could guide me towards achieving perfection in air pistol shooting. For me, shooting was more of an art, a skill which needs to be honed by learning the intricacies of pistol shooting. As such, I spent days and months in search of a mentor with the requisite knowledge. One day it so happened that I came across Hemant sir’s youtube video on stance and gripping and going through his videos saw a glimmer of hope. His videos were very lucid and logical. Could he be the one I am looking for? To my extreme delight, I saw his phone number in the post and wasted no time to have a word with him. To my utter surprise and a deep sense of euphoric ecstasy that got the better of me, sir spoke of things never heard of in shooting yet made every sense. I even thought of bringing sir to Assam for a camp but couldn’t materialize it. My dreams were again locked in the closet. This was in 2016. One fine day, sir called me up and told me of his online coaching program ‘’ and how he visualizes to make it reach to all those seeking knowledge in a 10 meter air pistol shooting. Lord Krishna has answered my prayers. Here I am as an Elite Member of the same. I am truly blessed.

4. What were your first impressions on going through the website? 

First of all, am grateful to sir for giving us the opportunity to learn online 10 meter air pistol shooting at our convenience, The initial videos were good enough barring little issues with sound equality which sir rectified at a later stage. The videos were very comprehensive and easy to understand. The website has introduced many new and novel concepts that made sense and gives us a fair idea of sir’s knowledge and dedication. The blogs were also a delight to read and one cannot help but read them over and over again. The website is comprehensive, user-friendly and superbly designed.

5. What made you register or subscribe to the modules? 

As I said, sir’s knowledge and approach to the shooting were both novel and logical and I had absolutely no doubt in his ability to shape me as a superb shooter. Besides, I call myself a curious cat who has a penchant for learning new things that excite the inner self.

6. What improvements did you find in your shooting after going through the modules?

So far am in exercise 1 and 2 and hence focusing on the aiming process. The exercises appear to be really good and result oriented. Many concepts like angled stance, breathing and triggering were never found to be heard or discussed amongst the shooting fraternity but were rather disregarded as flaws(like angled stance which I practice). Sir’s approach has always been based on logic and some concepts were individual centric thereby giving every individual shooter the opportunity of trying diverse ways of exploring the techniques best suited to self. I believe am going to be tremendously benefitted in time to come.

7. Do you believe that you can achieve your shooting goals by becoming a member of Foresight shooting?

Definitely yes!

8. Which Module or Videos has particularly improved your skills? 

All the 10 meter air pistol shooting modules in general and videos, in particular, have something or the other to teach just like Bhagavad Gita where every stanza has something new to teach. It’s difficult to pinpoint one particular module or video. However, having said that, I am a person who has tremendous expectation from self thereby leaving me in a quagmire of hopelessness and frustration every time I shoot in match owing to match pressure. As such, module 5 and 6 was always looked forward to and should be helpful for handling the pressure. Most importantly, the modules and inherent videos teach the basic importance of finding joy in striving for perfection. This is what we are here to learn, imbibe and deliver

9. Do you think there is any difference in being coached online and being coached face to face (personally)?

While online coaching has the inherent advantages of learning at one’s pace and going through doubts over and over till resolved. has introduced the concept of online discussion (video calling) with Hemant sir to resolve doubts and addressing of clarifications. So personal coaching has been incorporated through online
coaching to many an extent.

10. Will you recommend Foresight Shooting to other shooters and the reasons for doing so?

Definitely yes! I have already recommended to my fellow shooters of Assam but haven’t followed as to how many have joined the bandwagon to learn perfection. The reasons being many but as the adage goes “there is no shame in not knowing, but shame lies in not finding out”. Let them find out the reasons themselves.