Student Review|Marizelle Burger Australia|Foresight Shooting

Marizelle Burger1


Name: Marizelle Burger

Age: 46

Occupation: Accounts & Office Manager for a Construction Company

Country: Australia

Best Practice Score: 493

Best Match Score: 504

2. The goal for shooting: Improve my current grade, which means improving my best score, and be eligible for selection in the State Team

3. How did you come across this website (foresightshooting)?

After having a bad run of several months where my scores dropped and nothing I tried seemed to work, I was searching for answers on the internet and came across this website.

4. What were your first impressions on going through the website?

That I have found a hidden gem, something easy to follow in my own time. It all made sense, I could easily relate to the contents and implement some changes straight away.

5. What made you register or subscribe to the modules?

A thirst for knowledge, an excitement to improve and get out of the doldrums that I found myself in, and the promise of what was to come.

6. What improvements did you find in your shooting after going through the modules?

Most importantly, I have learned patience and changing my mindset from being focused on the outcome (score) to instead enjoy the journey. I have calmed down a lot and am no longer letting a bad shot/match define me. Being more composed, and having a positive attitude, has seen my scores improve again.

7. Do you believe that you can achieve your shooting goals by becoming a member of Foresight shooting?

Absolutely! We all may have different goals but the process and training program is the same. If you are willing to put in the time, follow the guidelines and stay true to yourself, you can reach any level you set your mind to.

8. Which Module or Videos has particularly improved your skills?

In every video of every 10 meter air pistol module thus far, I have learned something, whether it was new information or simply a confirmation about something that I was unsure of. I have all 5 modules and am currently working on different videos from module 4 & 5 whilst I am mastering my exercises from module 3. Modules 3 & 4 both have played a role in improving my technical skill level but module 5 has taken it to a different level with mental skills training. It has changed my attitude and approach to not only shooting but life in general, which I am grateful for.

9. Do you think there is any difference in being coached online and being coached face to face (personally)?

Before I found the Foresight Shooting website, I would have said yes. How can you replace one-on-one, real time coaching with online 10 meter air pistol coaching videos? However, the clever way this website is run and the effort that has gone into the interactive videos, not to mention the easy to follow and understand step-by-step training programs, plus having access to it 24 x 7 for a lifetime, has totally smashed this preconceived idea about coaching.

10. Will you recommend Foresight Shooting to other shooters and the reasons for doing so?

Yes without a doubt. There are many reasons why I would recommend this but to just name a few:

You can do this at home, especially for those of us working long hours that are not able to get to our local range every day.

Learn at your own pace, there is no set time limit.

This caters for every skill level.

The communication is outstanding and there is constant feedback.