Student Review | Juily Dhapodkar | Foresight Shooting



Name: Juily Dhapodkar

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

Country: India

Best Practice Score: 550

Best Match Score: 524

2. The goal for shooting: to be the best shooter

3. How did you come across this website (foresightshooting)?

When I started shooting, my mom was searching for videos on YouTube for basic knowledge of 10 meter air pistol shooting. That time sir uploaded some basic videos from module1, we liked those videos then we contacted sir and we came to know about the website.

4. What were your first impressions on going through the website?

My first impression was that I will get good guidance of shooting under the world’s best 10 meter air pistol coach

5. What made you register or subscribe to the modules?

I liked those basic 10 meter air pistol shooting videos so I registered foresight shooting.

6. What improvements did you find in your shooting after going through the modules?

There was improvement like mental focus, mental and physical capability.

7. Do you believe that you can achieve your shooting goals by becoming a member of Foresight shooting?

Yes, I believe I can achieve my shooting goals

8. Which Module or Videos has particularly improved your skills?

10 meter air pistol basic module developed my base of shooting and other modules help me develop my shooting skills

9. Do you think there is any difference in being coached online and being coached face to face (personally)?

No, not much. But when we shoot in front of sir, he observes us and tells us how to improve our shooting skills and some important points while observation which can’t be told online

10. Will you recommend Foresight Shooting to other shooters and the reasons for doing so?

Yes, definitely