Student Review | Cristian form Spain | Foresight Shooting



Name: cristian jesús gonzález frazao

Age: 35

Occupation: policeman

Country: Spain

Best Practice Score: 578

Best Match Score: 568

2. The goal for shooting: achieve perfect shots. a physical, technical and mental perfection in each shot. 

3. How did you come across this website (foresightshooting)? 

Looking for 10 meter air pistol training system in a web. 

4. What were your first impressions on going through the website? 

It´s a gradual, evolutionary and deep training system. 

5. What made you register or subscribe to the modules? 

Deepen the knowledge offered to us at all levels (physical, technical, mental, emotional…) 

6. What improvements did you find in your shooting after going through the modules?

Most importantly, i have once again enjoyed the 10 meter air pistol Olympic shooting as the relaxing activity it was when i started practicing it, even today i keep moving away from banal interests that intoxicate you with true progress. i still find answers to questions that nobody had an answer. I’m getting to know myself better, reinforcing my strengths and improving my weaknesses. 

7. Do you believe that you can achieve your shooting goals by becoming a member of Foresight shooting?

Of course, more important than the videos, is the follow-up that we share through whatsapp all the shooters that we find on the same Mr. hemant´s team. We learn from both Mr. hemant´s clarifications, and the rest of the classmates. in the videos we acquire a specific knowledge, and then in group, this knowledge is developed in detail. 

8. Which Module or Videos has particularly improved your skills? 

The 10 meter air pistol training video module 3 and 4 have given me a way to go, but is module 5 that shows me the attitude with which we must move along that path. 

9. Do you think there is any difference in being coached online and being coached face to face (personally)? 

the important thing is the quality of the coach over and our ability to exert over whether the training is in person or online. in the end, in this sport it´s the shooter who faces the target alone, so online 10 meter air pistol training can be just as effective. combining it with eventual face to face sessions would be ideal (I’m organizing this possibility for the next months).

10. Will you recommend Foresight Shooting to other shooters and the reasons for doing so? 

Yes, if you are willing to have an open mind and want to enjoy shooting