Module 5 – Mental Skills Training ( Elite ) - Foresight Shooting

Module 5 – Mental Skills Training (Coming Soon !)


Coming Soon !


Module Contents

Video No. 154 & Text Lesson Introduction.
Video No. 155 & Text Lesson What is Mental Training?
Video No. 156 & Text Lesson Brief History.
Video No. 157 & Text Lesson What is Match Pressure.
Video No. 158 & Text Lesson Origin of Match Pressure.
Video No. 159 & Text Lesson The Relaxation response.
Video No. 160 & Text Lesson Using Yoga for Relaxation.
Video No. 161 & Text Lesson Using Advanced Breathing Methods.
Video No. 162 & Text Lesson Conscious Relaxation Methods.
Video No. 163 & Text Lesson Affirmation Techniques for relaxing.
Video No. 164 & Text Lesson What is Self- Image?
Video No. 165 & Text Lesson Developing a Positive Self Image.
Video No. 166 & Text Lesson Mental Imagery Techniques.
Video No. 167 & Text Lesson What is a Mental Cue?
Video No. 168 & Text Lesson Mental Cues for Relaxation.
Video No. 169 & Text Lesson Advanced Mental Shot Program.
Video No. 170 & Text Lesson Preparing for a Match.
Video No. 171 & Text Lesson Pre- Match Mental Programming.
Video No. 172 & Text Lesson Match Day Mental Programming.
Video No. 173 & Text Lesson Mental Training Before the Match.
Video No. 174 & Text Lesson Mental Training for Sighters.
Video No. 175 & Text Lesson Mental Training for Record shots.
Video No. 176 & Text Lesson Mental Training Post Match.
Video No. 177 & Text Lesson Mental Training for Finals.
Video No. 178 & Text Lesson Mental Training for Prep. Time Finals.
Video No. 179 & Text Lesson Mental Training For Sighters – Finals.
Video No. 180 & Text Lesson Mental Training for Record Shots – Finals.
Video No. 181 & Text Lesson Developing a Correct Mental Attitude.
Video No. 182 & Text Lesson Developing a Positive Mental Attitude.

N.B. Abovementioned List of Videos & Text Lessons will change from time to time due to addition of NEW CONTENT.


  • Course fee for Elite Group Membership (EGM) is Rs 5000/-
  • With the help of the downloaded MSP APP, members of the Elite Group, will be able to master the skills much faster.
  • EGMs can watch the Videos on the above list and read the Text Lessons.
  • EGMS can call me with questions related to their shooting.
  • EGMs can whatsapp me their targets, and discuss the same with me.
  • EGMs can participate in discussions on shooting related subjects on the FORUM.
  • EGMs will be coached by me personally on one on one training session via SKYPE and or LIVE Video feed. For this the EGM will be observed by me LIVE, while he is shooting on the range or at home.
  • While live training, I will be observing, discussing and providing coaching LIVE.
  • EGMs will participate in Shooting Clinics and Workshops through Webinars.