Raising your Material and Financial Level

Raising your Material and Financial Level

Hello friends,

In the last video, we discussed cutting through the spider’s web. In that video, we discussed that you need to raise your levels in many areas: technical, mental, physical, material, emotional, financial, and spiritual.

The general tendency of viewers watching these videos, and I watch a lot of YouTube videos myself; the general tendency is that you watch the video sitting on an armchair and you develop an ‘armchair attitude’ .

Now, what is this armchair attitude? The armchair attitude is that you watch an instructional video, and if it is going to make a difference in your life, then you have to get out of your armchair and work on it.

The first thing that you need to work on is your attitude.

What do I mean by attitude?

You have to begin with a realization that things will not happen or problems will not be solved on their own. Let me start with how to increase the material Level. When I say material Level, it is your pistol. You cannot expect to participate in a Formula 1 race using a Model T Ford; in the same way, if you have ambitions of becoming an international shooter, you need to buy your own pistol.

Initially, yes, you go to a club, and you do a basic course using a pistol of the club, but using the pistol in a club has its limitations. That pistol has been used by a number of other shooters before you; so two things happen, one - the grip adjustment is not to your liking or your hand, and the second thing is that the sights have been adjusted to what the previous shooter wanted. He has given the clicks that will make his shots go to the left, right, up, or down. Now, this may not suit you at all; since it is impossible for two shooters to have the same sight adjustments.

So, when you go on the shooting range, you get your Club pistol, and you normally continue holding the pistol the way it is set that is, the grip cannot be changed or with minimal adjustment to the grip you begin shooting then you find that the shots are not going where you are expecting it to go. And then it takes about 15 minutes for you to first adjust your grip and then another 15 20 minutes to sight your shots. This way, you have lost half an hour, and when you begin shooting, the problem is that you really don't know whether you have clicked the sights correctly or not if the shots are not falling in the pattern that you expect.

You always have this doubt that you have not given the correct clicks. So initially when I talk about raising your material Level is that in the next 1 month or two months when you go to the club you have to realize whether pistol shooting is your cup of tea and if it is then you need to invest in your own pistol.

When you say you need to invest in your own pistol that means the financial level has to be raised. You have to raise your financial level to purchase a pistol of your own so that you can pursue your goal.

Now this is what I mean by ‘attitude’ at some point in time you have to realize that even if you have to qualify for the Nationals in India at a very high score, you have to have your own pistol and that's what I mean by having an attitude that yes you have to solve this problem you have to buy your own pistol you have to raise your financial level in order to buy a new pistol which is raising your material Level.

So this is what I mean that you cannot have an armchair attitude. If you are thinking, that just by watching this video your problems will be solved? No, you have to take paper and pen, write down your problems, list out the areas which you need to improve and start working on them, beginning with your pistol.

Cutting through the spider’s Web Raising the Technical Level

Cutting through the spider’s Web Raising the Technical Level

Hello friends,

In the last video, Cutting Through the Spider’s Web, I discussed that to solve any problem in life, you need to keep raising your levels.

When he picks up his pistol, every shooter in the world goes from A to B to see to follow through. He does so with one and only one goal in mind, and that is to shoot a 10.

If you don't shoot a 10, then that's a problem because you want to shoot a 10, you're not getting your ten, so that's the problem you are facing. How do you solve this problem if you don't shoot a ten? Which areas do you need to raise your level to hit a ten every time you pick up a pistol?

It could be physical, mental, technical, financial, material, emotional, or spiritual.

In this video, I will only discuss the first two, the ‘Physical’ and the ’Technical’.

Physically - if you want to shoot a 10, you must have the ability, strength, and flexibility to pick up a pistol from point A to B to C to follow through to execute one single shot.

Similarly, for a match, you need to do it 60 times. So physically, you need to stand on the firing point and have the physical strength and the ability to shoot 60 record shots plus whatever sighter shots are required.

If you can do that, then tick the box where ‘physical ability’ is concerned.

The next thing we go to is the technical reason; now what is the technical requirement if you wish to shoot a 10? You must know precisely what to do when the sights come into the aiming area.

Very briefly, there are three steps; first, you must understand the ‘aiming process’?

The second is you must know what ‘automatic trigger operation’ is?

And the third thing you must know is what ‘mental focus follow through’ is when the sights come into the aiming area.
What is the aiming process?

The aiming process is divided into three parts: when your sights come into the aiming area, your sights should be aligned, the second thing is they should be in sharp focus and the third thing is your arc of movement should be reduced.

So, knowing this is fine, but the next step is mastering. In order to master these three elements of the aiming process, you have to train very methodically.

You must have a good coach and a good training program because knowing how to master these three skills quickly is the smart thing to do.

So, you must have a very good coach who knows what the aiming process is; he must know how to give you a training program that provides you Mastery in all these three things, in all the three elements, in the shortest possible time.
What happens is when you don't have a coach, or you don't know how to master your skills; you just go on shooting, shooting, shooting. As a result, you're wasting your time, effort, and money. And you again get into the spider's web.
So, this is the first level in the technical aspect which you have to raise, to find out how to master the three elements of the aiming process. Only when you have achieved mastery, that is, in 60 record shots, 90 shots, or 120 shots.

Every time your sights come into the aiming area if you have mastered the aiming process, mastered all three elements, only then will you be able to master the Second Step, which is automatic trigger operation.

Now you know that when the sights come into the aiming area, if your aiming process is mastered, then your trigger should move automatically; there's no need to hang around in the aiming area because if you do, then your trigger is going to freeze, it's going to delay and with delay, you run out of breath. So you jerk the shot, or you cancel the shot and then come into a new set of problems, ' time pressure’. Once your sights enter the aiming area and your aiming process is mastered, your trigger should move automatically.

Once again, do you have a coach? Do you have somebody who will teach you how to make your trigger operation automatic? Do you have a training methodology?

You have to find some method to learn how to make this trigger operation automatic. Supposing you do find somebody and you have mastered the trigger operation, then you have to master the third step which is to keep your mind focused 100% on the trigger operation before, during, and after the shot is fired. Only if you have mastered these three technical areas will you be able to shoot a 10.

The other day, I asked a shooter ; “XYZ, I said, do you know how to shoot a 10?”
He was sitting in a group, and since he had been shooting for the last two to three years; at a reasonably okay score of 550 or thereabouts. It was his ego that was challenged when I asked him the question, and he said of course, I know how to shoot a 10. No problem.

I said are you sure? He said yeah, I'm sure. Okay, good for you I said. The next day, when I was getting into my car, I saw this boy approaching me, who had a very diffident attitude.

You want to speak to me, I asked him, to which he replied, “Yes sir, I want to talk to you regarding the question that you asked me yesterday. When I returned home and went to sleep, I thought about your question. Truthfully, I can tell you that I am not sure; I'm not 100% sure whether I know how to shoot a ten”.

I said that's an excellent first step. You have to realize that you don't know how to shoot a ten because if you don't know how to shoot a ten, how will you achieve your goal for every shot?

So the first step is to ask yourself this question: do you know how to shoot a 10? And those of you who are shooting 560s and 570s, who shoot 25,30, 35 tens, and if you are saying, Yeah, I know how to shoot a 10. Then think very carefully about the next question I will ask you.

At night, think over it, my dear friend, if you know how to shoot a 10, then why is it that you are shooting only 30 tens? Why not 35 why not 40 tens? Rows and rows and rows of tens. One after the other? If you say you know how to shoot a 10 then you should learn how to shoot rows of tens.

I know what your answer is, and we will come to that in the following video where we will discuss the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Till then, I hope you have enjoyed this video, and if you have any questions related to all these points, if you wish to know how to master the aiming process, the automatic trigger operation, and how to keep your mind focused when the sights come into the aiming area? My contact details are provided at the end of this video; feel free to Whatsapp me, email me, or pick up the phone and ask me a question.

If you are afraid even to ask me a question, For Heaven's sake! How in the world are you ever going to be a confident shooter in a match situation if you're afraid of asking a question to which you're going to get a free reply?
What are you going to do in a match situation? Right? So don't hesitate to ask me a question and discuss it with me face to face. I look forward to your questions and happy shooting as always Bye.

Cutting Through The Spider’s Web.

Cutting Through The Spider’s Web.

Hello friends,

In the last video, The Spider's Web, I promised to provide you with a solution to cut through this web.

The spider’s web is a web that is created by our thinking and our emotions. Each strand of this web is made by the route we follow from A to B to C to follow through, and at the end of this route, after we complete the route, the result of the shot is there for us to see.

Depending on whether it is good, bad or average, that is 8, 9, or 10 we start thinking. We start thinking negatively or positively, creating a negative or positive emotion.

If it's an eight, we are depressed; our thinking is negative it leads to negative emotion. Similarly, if it is a 10, we believe that this is a good shot and it leads to a positive emotion.

So for all the 60 shots, throughout the match, we create a web, and every time we shoot match after match after match, we create these webs one after the other and we seem to be stuck in this web because we don't seem to improve beyond a specific score.

And this is a problem that we are facing, the problem is that we want to improve our scores but we cannot and that's the problem that we face. To get out of this spider’s web, we need to think very deeply.

Why is it that we get into the spider web? Why do we get into these problems? Why is it that we are facing these problems and if you look around outside the shooting world, if you just look around your entire life you'll see spider webs everywhere.

Problems, problems, problems! So the solution that I'm trying to give you will not only cut through the spider’s web (which is for the shooter) but it will also give you a solution to cut through all the spider webs that are there in your entire life in various walks of your life, be it financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, whatever. Watch the video for the reasons.

I hope you like this video and like that bird flying high in the sky. You can also do that, if you can cut through the spider web. We must learn many things, which we will discuss in the following videos. Till then happy shooting.

Shooter’s Helpline

Shooter’s Helpline

Hello friends,

I have some excellent news for you. I'm launching a Shooters helpline.

What is this shooter line?

In this Shooters helpline, you can contact me using my contact details, which are given behind every video. You can contact me on Via email. You can contact me on WhatsApp.

After I have read the question. I will get back to you, and we will decide a mutually convenient time for both of us. If you have an excellent internet connection, I will send you a link.

You hit the link, and I will join you for a one-on-one online face-to-face discussion to solve your problem.
Get in touch with me. I look forward to seeing you shortly and solving all your problems. Good day, and all the Best.

Vlog – The Spider’s Web.

Vlog – The Spider’s Web.

Hello friends,

Like you, I also had many dreams when I started my shooting. In pursuit of my dreams, I learned and realized a lot of things, 30 years down the line one of the most curious thing that I have noticed, not only with myself but with all the shooters that I see around me is that when you begin your shooting, you have these dreams, you have these goals and you're full of energy.

Full of enthusiasm to follow your dreams, to chase your dreams but somewhere along the line; This enthusiasm this love for shooting this passion for shooting goes down and it is replaced with pessimism and negativity and you no longer enjoy your shooting.

But you are propelled to continue shooting, to chase those dreams, though from inside you're constantly feeling down especially when the match approaches. The day of the match comes, the moment you're on the firing Point, you're feeling down.

Where does that Joy go? And how can we bring this Joy, this Love, this passion for shooting back. Back on the firing point on the day of the match. To understand this I will give you an example of the spider's web.

Like the spider; all Shooters in the world, you, me, everyone is stuck like the spider in the web, and this web is made by ourselves, so what is this spider's web? What is this Shooter’s web? What is this web in which a shooter finds himself?

Please understand what I'm trying to say now. The spider makes its web from the spinnerets, which are under the body, and it spins a thread like silk from one point to another and then from the next point to another, it cris crosses till the entire spider's web is made and it lives in that web.

So, how does the shooter form his web? The shooter develops his web through his thinking, emotions, feelings, and mood. We have discussed in the previous video how your thinking affects your mood, which is a sum of all your feelings and your emotions, so let us very carefully see how this web is formed in which a shooter, every shooter in the world, finds himself.

And when he gets into this web, he doesn't seem to cross a certain score level, his performance doesn't improve. It keeps fluctuating up and down up and down. He's stuck in this web of his creation. So let us understand how this web is created?

Now for every shot we shoot. In my previous video, I discussed the route from A to B to C to follow through. The firing platform is A, B is the point above the target. From B to C, we travel where C is the aiming area, and in C till we execute the shot till follow through that is Ft, so A to B to C to Ft is the route we follow for every shot, every shooter in the world does it.

What happens is at the end of follow-through, after the shot is fired, you check your Target, and the result is there. It could be anything. If it is an eight, your mood is down, immediately your feelings, your mood, your energy, everything comes down, but if it's a 10, you feel good immediately. Your mood is good, your energy level goes high, and you think positively.

The route that we take from A to B to C to follow through is one string, as shown in this Clip, and like this, in 60 shots, we form a web full of strings. Every shot is a string for every picture. We create a string with a feeling and emotion attached to it in the shot value.

Now, in between one shot and the second shot, a lot of emotion and thinking goes in between one shot and the second shot, as shown in this video. This feeling, this emotion, this thinking can either be positive or negative and usually, as we have discussed several times, depends on the result of the last shot and your expectation of the shot to come.

Now we go on shooting match after match after match, and after every game, the result that you get is an average of all the shots that you have shot, so if you have hit this score, then it is an average score of the number of 10 and eights or whatever will give an average.

And as you go on shooting several matches, what happens is that you create these webs, this emotion, this emotional web in which we are stuck.

This web has its energy level, and you're stuck in that. You may try hard to get out of it. You want to improve, but your scores will go up. They'll come down, go up and come down because you are stuck in this pattern.

This web is nothing but a pattern that we have created through our emotions and thinking, which we keep on repeating from match to match and in a game also from shot to shot to shot, and in between one shot and the second shot and the next shot this habit pattern is followed and repeated again and again and again till you have a web of emotions in which you are stuck like a spider and your scores just keep fluctuating up and down up and down, and this forms the spider's web in which every shooter in the world finds himself in.

Now that you have understood what I'm talking about; how we create a web of our own, we will discuss in the following video, in greater detail how to cut through this web, this cycle of scores, that go up and down.
Understand what I'm trying to say because this understanding is what we will use to cut through this web and increase performance.