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    How to Correct Dry Firing And Live Shooting a 10 Using Correct Follow Through Technique

    How to Correct Dry Firing And Live Shooting a 10 Using Correct Follow Through Technique

    Hello friends,

    In this VLOG, I will be demonstrating the correct dry firing technique for the 10 M air Pistol shooting.

    More often than not, you will see that shooters, when they dry fire, bring the pistol down immediately after the dry shot is fired. The moment they hear the ‘tick’ sound occurring during dry firing, they reflexively bring the pistol down as shown in the video.

    This programs the subconscious mind to reproduce exactly the same action while ‘live firing’ at the expense of a correct ‘follow through’. Obviously, the chances of your shot going in the 10 are vastly reduced.

    It is recommended, to continue holding the pistol for a few seconds after the shot, reproducing all the things that were being done before and during the shot to continue after the shot has gone in the extended holding.

    In the live firing demo, you will see the correct follow through result obtained due to the correct habit ingrained within the subconscious mind, to continue the follow through in an extended holding after the shot.


    How Your Stable Stance Affects Your Trigger Operation In Air Pistol Shooting

    How Your Stable Stance Affects Your Trigger Operation In Air Pistol Shooting

    Hello, friends,

    In the last webinar, I had discussed the importance of taking a stable stance and position. In that webinar, I had asked you a question.

    What is the relation between a stable stance and position, with your smooth trigger operation, when the sights come into aiming area?

    I had very briefly explained and answered this question in my webinar, but I figured, I needed to go a little bit deeper and make the explanation more simpler and more interesting to understand.

    When your stance is not stable, your arc of movement becomes wider, as shown in this clip. Now, this is how a beginner whose arc of movement is very wide and he takes a lot of time in trying to reduce this arc of movement.

    An expert level shooter, a top level shooter, an experienced shooter, who has a very good, stable stance and position. When his sights come into the aiming area, the arc of movement is greatly reduced and he spends very little time in reducing the arc of movement and his arc of movement, looks the way it is shown in this clip.

    Notice his arc of movement is reduced the moment his sights come into the aiming area. Now, this is an ideal situation. Even the best of shooters don’t get this kind of arc of movement, the moment the sights come into the area. But this is an ideal arc of movement.

    Now, please remember one thing that your mind can focus, or concentrate or pay attention to only one thing at a time. Therefore, when the sights come into the aiming area and you need to concentrate on your smooth trigger operation. Your mind starts jumping from the moving sights and then back to the trigger.

    From the trigger, back to the moving sights and this hopping from the sights to the trigger operation, results in a discontinuous trigger operation. Whereas your trigger operation should be smooth and continuous, till follow through.

    As a result of this stop, start, stop, start trigger operation. Because your mind gets diverted to the wide arc of movement. Eventually, the trigger operation is not smooth, it’s not continuous, and the shot can go anywhere as shown in this clip.

    Notice in this video how the trigger operation breaks. A number of times. And the shot may go anywhere. The trigger operation, as shown in the video, keeps breaking. Because your concentration, instead of being on the smooth trigger operation, smooth, continuous trigger operation, keeps getting distracted by the wide arc of movement.

    Let’s see the clip again. Now, watch how the trigger operation breaks because your attention gets diverted to the arc of movement. As a result, the shot may go anywhere.

    The second scenario is, that some beginners initially, wait for the arc of movement to reduce to their satisfaction, and then they start the trigger operation.

    When the sights become steady, then they start the trigger operation. By this time. Several seconds are past and there is a strong urge building up in your lungs to resume breathing. And this, again, diverts your attention from the trigger operation, and you want to get rid of that shot as fast as possible so you jerk the trigger as shown in this video.

    Notice how the shooter is waiting for the sights to reduce its arc of movement and then so many seconds have gone, the trigger is jerked.

    Let’s watch the video again. Because the arc of movement is taking a very, very long time. And this builds up of pressure in your lungs to resume breathing, you jerk the trigger as shown in the clip.

    So, if you have a very good, stable stance and position, your arc of movement will be reduced. And you will be able to concentrate much better on a smooth, continuous trigger operation as shown in this clip. The moment the sights come into the aiming area, you concentrate on your trigger operation. And the shot is superb.

    Notice how the trigger moves very smoothly and continuously, and it is an excellent follow through of the trigger, smooth, continuous trigger before, during and after the shot. Let’s watch the clip once again.

    Notice how the trigger starts off the moment the sights come into the area and it is very smooth, continuous before, during and after the shot. And because of an excellent follow through, the shot has gone into the 10.

    So that is the relationship between your stable stance and a smooth, continuous operation follow through.

    And between the two, your stable stance and your trigger operation, is the reduced moment. Because a stable stance and position contributes to a great extent, to reduce the arc of movement. And when your arc of movement is reduced as quickly as possible, you can then concentrate on a smooth continuous trigger operation follow through

    So that is the relationship between your stable stance and position and your smooth, continuous trigger operation when the sights come into the aiming area.


    Introduction to Air Pistol Coaching Webinars

    Introduction to Air Pistol Coaching Webinars

    Very shortly, I will be launching air pistol coaching webinars. For those of you, who do not know what webinars are, then here is a simple explanation;

    Webinars are classroom lectures/seminars, hosted on the web by an expert/coach (myself), on a particular subject (air pistol coaching) to students all over the world, using video conferencing software. The key feature of webinars is that it allows real time live discussions enabling the coach to providing answers to questions on the spot.

    Webinars therefore remove the final mental barrier for students who believe that coaching can only be done face to face. Webinars therefore transcend geographical boundaries and time zones, since webinars can now be accessed at the convenience of each student whenever it suits them (time wise).

    This then brings me to the next point, which is, what and how will the content of each webinar be relevant to beginners, intermediate and advanced level students?

    Roughly, my webinars will address three categories of shooters;

    1. The Basic Free Course, Module No. 1, which will address all beginners.
    2. The Intermediate course will be for Modules 2 to 5, which will address those students who are already working on these modules for a period of 6 to 12 months.
    3. The advanced course webinars, are meant only for those students who have matured and understood the concepts laid out in Modules 2 to 5 and who have attained a fair degree of proficiency. Specifically these webinars deal with Module No. 6 : The Mental Shot Program.

    Presently, online coaching, interaction and discussions were held on our WhatsApp group: The Elite Member’s Group. Additionally, my students could video call me and or call me via the phone.

    The limitations of this medium were, that the benefit of in-depth discussion of each point, benefited only ONE shooter at a time. Through webinars, ALL my students would benefit from my interaction with each student, plus, they can access this webinar anytime to review the discussion again and again. Also, those who could not attend a particular webinar, will now be able to do so by accessing the recorded webinars stored on my website.

    Additionally, if a shooter wants me to view his shooting live, then this can also be achieved quite easily. This is particularly relevant to the present Corona Virus time.

    Videos in English and Hindi have been uploaded on YouTube, which explains how you can access my webinars. The links are provided below;

    You Tube Video Links



    You are requested to go through and prepare yourself technically for participating in my webinars.


    Beating the Lockdown Blues

    Beating the Lockdown Blues

    Today the entire world is going through a phase where it is safest to be at home. For the shooting fraternity, not going to the shooting range can really be irksome. However, this is an opportunity for shooters to look very closely at the following areas;

    Recovery from injuries:

    Many shooters continue training despite nagging pain in different parts of the body. Specifically, the neck, shoulders, elbow and knee joints being the most common. Now is the time to let your body rest and recover naturally before the niggling pain turns into something more serious, which can be very difficult to cope with in the later years.

    Developing a physical fitness routine:

    Those shooters who have been neglecting their physical fitness should develop a physical fitness routine which can be followed at home. This routine will not only strengthen your body but it will also keep you mentally fresh, fit and positive to face the prevailing worldwide situation.

    Training at home:

    Foresight Shooting is a website which has always emphasised the importance of training at home. Each module discusses different exercises which strengthen not only your basics but also provides advanced training which helps in mastering the aiming process at the subconscious level.

    Stress on Yogic techniques:

    Those practising different yoga techniques have greater resilience both physically and mentally to face the dangers presented by the Chinese Virus.

    In Module No. 3, 4 & 5. Simple to very advanced yogic techniques related to pranayama (yogic breathing) are provided which strengthen your respiratory system to a very high level. This strengthening is vital to face the virus which affects the respiratory system.

    Learning to relax:

    In Module No. 5, Mental Skills, ‘Body Relaxation’ Techniques complete with downloadable audio instructions are provided for easy learning and implementation.

    This is the time when you should devote more time towards learning and perfecting ‘Visualisation’ Techniques which is the next step after mastering body relaxation techniques.

    Expanding your knowledge base:

    With so much time on hand, this is an excellent period for gaining more knowledge about your sport. There is no other website in the world (apart from the ISSF website) which provides so much knowledge regarding air pistol shooting.

    My sincerest advice to you is to use this time to expand your knowledge by subscribing to the modules on the website.


    Pistol Shooting is Meditation

    Pistol Shooting is Meditation

    Meditation is focused attention on one thought and or feeling. Shooting like meditation is also focussed attention by the shooter for shooting a ‘10’.

    When the sights come into the aiming area, the shooter must focus (to the exclusion of everything else) on achieving follow through of the positive continuous trigger feeling.

    This he must do regardless of any distracting thoughts which include the arc of movement, aligned sights or focus.

    Just as in meditation, one prepares himself for the process of meditation, by mentally, physically and technically going through the steps which lead to the desired state of mental peace.

    The same holds true in shooting. Before we start shooting, we have to prepare ourselves ‘physically’ by doing adequate warming up exercises.

    We warm up ‘mentally’, by going through the steps in our technique for shooting a ‘10’ in our mind.

    We warm up ‘technically’, by doing dry firing exercises.

    The state of bliss achieved in meditation is also achieved during shooting- the ‘ no mind’ stage, where shots are executed from the subconscious, while the conscious mind, stops its chattering thereby stops interfering in the smooth, automatic working of the subconscious mind.

    But to reach the stage where the subconscious mind takes over, one has to train the conscious mind to ‘shut up’. This process is explained in great detail in Module No. 5 Mental Skills. Graded exercises in this module, help the student to learn, how to switch off the conscious mind and slide into shooting from the subconscious mind.

    The subconscious mind, also has to be trained to produce the performance required for shooting ‘10s’ continuously, one after the other in rows. This is also explained in Mod. No. 5 Mental Skills.

    From the above, the reader will surmise that shooting like meditation, requires proper training and guidance. You can be anywhere on this planet. If you have an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone you can also avail of these guidelines and correct training methods.

    Surprisingly, when most people want to take up some form of meditation, they automatically look for a ‘guru’ or training programmes online. When it comes to shooting however, 90 % of the people shrink away from online training.

    Wake up! The world is moving onto online training, for almost all the skills required for getting ahead in life.

    Then why are you shying away from online training available on this website?

    The ONLY website in the world, offering online interactive one on one coaching in air pistol shooting.

    Can you learn to get into the highest level of meditation without a guru? Yes or No? If your answer is No, then you should reflect upon online coaching for shooting very seriously.

    It is a lot cheaper, convenient and your coach is available to you 24 hours X 365 days for you for your entire lifetime!