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    10 Meter Air Pistol Training Webinar


    10 Meter Air Pistol Training Webinar

    curated for every Air Pistol Shooter

    Learn 10 Meter Air Pistol Shooting Techniques Online through webinars . join our webinar, by becoming a Basic Member which as you know is FREE. In case you cannot attend it due to any reason, then you can watch it later, at your convenience on your dashboard

    Air Pistol Shooting Training Course

    Webinar on how to take a stable stance/position

    You will understand the following aspects;
    1. Why a stable stance/position is important?
    2. The relation between ‘arc of movement’ and a stable stance.
    3. What is a natural, stable and comfortable stance? And learn how to adopt it.
    4. How to avoid serious injuries common to incorrect stance/position.